Y5 maths problem solving - what are you using?


Maths results in our school show that whilst children are doing okay with arithmetic, they are not doing well applying their skills to using and applying and problem solving. This year, as I am new to year 5 and doing the maths planning, I have been using Target your Maths to focus on the skills and year 5 White Rose Hub fluency/reasoning/problem solving materials to allow the children to demonstrate how well they have understood their learning. However, following maths moderation tonight, our head (and former year 6 teacher) thinks they are far too hard and not really written in a Sats' style (and to be honest, I agree). I promised myself that this year I would cut down my work load and move away from searching around for resources on a daily/weekly basis and certainly don't want to sit making up Sats style word problems and wondered what other year 5 teachers are using. I don't want to step on the year 6 teacher's toes and start using old Sats questions either in case he wants to use them next year

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