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Tips to make the kids go to bed early

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Here are twenty simple tips to make the kids go to bed early.

Tips to make the kids go to bed early

"My kid watches all his favorite programs and then goes to bed. How hard I try but he won't listen and just comments that he can't sleep". If you too have the same comment from your kids, then you perfectly fit in the group where every parent complain about not being able to put their kids to sleep. Kids don't want to sleep early. They sleep only when they finish watching their shows or cartoons. All you end up doing is constant nagging and raising your own blood pressure.

Nowadays many parents often complain that their kids sleep very late in the nights. Making the kids go to bed early is what every parent dreams off but how hard they try their dream doesn't come true. It's really hard to give advice on how to make kids go to bed early, but each and every parent would need to put on their own efforts to make this happen. Problem related to kids sleeping habits differ with each and every individual.

Few reasons why a kid may not be able to sleep early

- Sleeping Disorders such as Insomnia, Parasomnia, Disturbed Sleep and Narcolepsy

- Afternoon Sleep

- Late TV Watching

- Ill Health

- Noisy Surroundings

- Over Exhaustion

- Scary Nightmares

Tips to Make the Kids go to Bed Early

Here are few tips that would definitely work and help the kids to go to bed early:

1. Try learning more about Sleeping Disorders and try to find whether your kid is actually suffering from one of them. If yes consult a doctor and find out what can be done about it.

2. Turn out the TV at a scheduled time every day. If the kids should watch the TV, then the same rule should be for the parents. (at least until the kids go to sleep)

3. Put the kid to bed at a fixed time every day. This time should not be changed no matter what.

4. Try to establish a Daily Bed Time Routine.
Daily Bed Time Routine:
- Brushing teeth
- Wearing night pajamas
- Reading out a story book (just 1 story)
- or Telling one story

5. A glass of hot milk is said to calm down the nerves and helps kid to sleep.

6. Avoid any kind of caffeinated drinks like cold drinks, coffee etc in the night or late evenings.

7. Over-exhaustion can affect your child's sleep. When the child complains of pain in his legs or back, don't ignore it. Try a lukewarm oil massage. A good lukewarm oil massage induces sleep in children.

8. If a kid is ill especially with fever, cough and cold, no way he will be able to sleep. Such medical conditions disturb children's sleep and parents should understand. In such cases patients need a lot of rest and tend to sleep only when they feel better.

9. A noisy environment can make it difficult to sleep even to adults. Hence see that the kid's sleep is not affected with such noises. Children sleep better in quiet and comfortable surroundings.

10. A change of place affects kid's sleep. Make sure that children sleep in their own bedroom and don't keep changing their sleeping area every now and then. Though some or the other time this can be managed.

11. A physical activity may seem to work best when it comes to sleeping. Hence ensure that your kid goes to play outdoors, in parks or at least follows some physical exercises.

12. If your kid is worried about night mares or is afraid of dark, don't scare him more. On the contrary comfort him by discussing about his fears. If the child is afraid of darkness, then put a small lamp in his room and lit it at least till he goes to sleep.

13. As you would maintain a regular sleeping schedule, in the same manner try and maintain a early morning getting up schedule. Don't let the kids oversleep.

14. For toddlers afternoon nap can be good but try and avoid an afternoon nap in grown up kids. Afternoon naps mostly affect early night sleep and kids won't be able to sleep early at all. Hence engage the kids in some activity to avoid afternoon naps.

15. In case you really have to put them to sleep in the afternoons, see that its not very late in the afternoon. And the afternoon nap should not be more than an hour or so.

16. A hot water bath can also help the kids to sleep early. Hot water bath relaxes their muscles and induces sleep in children.

17. Make sure that the kids finish their homework or school assignments in time. As this could be one reason why kids may stay put late in the nights.

18. At least give the kids some time to relax before going to sleep. Kids are often excited after their exercise routine or TV Watching. So one can allot at least 20 - 25 minutes for the kids to slow down and then head to their bedroom. During this time engage them in small chats or just sit and relax.

19. See that the children finish their dinner at least 1 hour before their sleeping time. Kids should not sleep directly after eating as it may not be good for their body.

20. Kids can be occasionally rewarded for their good behavior and for following the Bed Time Routine in a perfect manner. Such rewards like a movie or dine-out can be very encouraging. Occasionally a chocolate or candy bar may also be given as a reward.
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