Under-Over - A game for children

Under-over is a game which includes physical activity. It is a very easy and fun game. Children can play this game in a small open ground. They don't need anything expensive or dangerous for this game. This game includes a lot of physical activity that it helps children to develop their health as well.

Under-Over: A game for all children

Are you looking for a cool game to play with your friends and siblings during free time? Here is an easy and fun game for you guys. Under-Over is an easy and fun game which can be played by children above 6 years of age. Any number of children can play this game if they have a little ground to play. So what are you waiting for? Check out this cool game!

Under-Over game: Specifications

  • Children below 6 years may not play this game.

  • Any number of children can take part in this game. Minimum, there should be 2 children.

  • A soft toy (for example, a teddy bear) is needed for the game.

  • You can play the game in any open ground.

  • How to play Under-Over: Rules of the game

    First of all, draw a circle in the ground which is big enough for you to stand. Then order the children in the group by the letter with which your name starts. Thus select who has to play the game first. For example, if the girl named Angel is the first one according to alphabetic order, let her play first.

    The selected person is the thrower. Ask the thrower to take the soft toy in his hands and stand in the circle. All others should gather behind him at a distance. The thrower should not see the others. That is, he must face the other side, not the side where the other children are standing.

    Now ask the thrower to throw the teddy bear backwards to the crowd. The children in the crowd may try to catch the teddy bear. If anybody in the crowd catches teddy bear, then the crowd must shout 'OVER'. The thrower loses his chance with 0 points. The person who caught the toy becomes the next thrower.

    If the teddy bear is not caught by anybody in the crowd, then the crowd may say under. The crowd must ask the thrower: "How many steps?" The thrower may answer any number, for example, seven. After that, the thrower may face the crowd. He must walk to the teddy bear in seven steps and take the teddy bear. If he takes it in 7 steps, he gets 5 points and another chance to be the thrower.

    The game must continue until anybody reaches hundred points. That person wins the game.

    Things to remember

  • Don't use heavy things to throw. Always select soft toys which cannot hurt people even if they falls on somebody.

  • Take care that you do not collide and fall while running around to catch the toy.

  • Teach your friends a new game! Let us see who wins!

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