Let us learn the names of our body parts.

At the elementary level, every kid is taught things in a manner they can easily learn. This post will help kids learn the names of the body parts. An exercise is also given to test the understanding of the kids. Also 'match the following' exercise is provided to help students memorize faster. Hope you will enjoy it!

The human body is an amazing creation. Our body consists of millions and millions of cells. These cells help to sustain life. Yes, we can't survive without them. These cells are of various shapes and sizes.Here is an image of a human cell.

Human cell

Parts of human body

Given below is an image which labels the body parts. Also explanation is given about all the parts.

Body parts

Explanation of the body parts is as follows

1.Head: It is the topmost part of the body. It can also be called the skull.
2. Face: It is where the eyes, the chin , the nose etc. are located.
3. Neck: The part of the human body which joins the head to the rest of the body.
4. Shoulder: It is either of the two parts of the human body below and at each side of the neck, where the arms join.
5. Chest: It is the part of the body between the neck and the stomach.
6. Umbilical: It is related to or situated in the umbilical cord, the navel or the area of the abdomen that surrounds the navel.
7. Abdominal: The part below umbilical that contains stomach, intestines etc.
8. Groin: It is the area between the thighs and the abdomen.
9. Thigh: It is the top of the leg between the knee and the hip.
10. Knee: The joint of the human leg between the thigh and the lower leg.
11. Leg: It is used for walking, standing, running etc.
12. Ankle: The joint that connects the leg with the foot.
13. Foot: The part of the leg below the ankle.
14. Arm: A limb attached to the shoulder of the human body.
15. Elbow: The joint between the upper and lower parts of the human arm
16. Forearm: The part of the human arm between the elbow and the wrist.
17 Wrist: The joint between the forearm and the hand.
18. Palm: The inner surface of the hand.



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This is a good resource as it explains more about the parts of the body. It is a very good resources which can really assist the growing students to aid their students.

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