Coloring pages for the colorful festival - Holi

Hello kids, today we'll be knowing little bit about the festival, Holi, we celebrate. Kids always love to play with different colors. If given a chance then they are always ready to play with water and colors! And if it is celebrated as a festival, then, no one can beat them. This resource you shall get to know Why is the festival celebrated? What was the reason to create such festival? Besides, you can download beautiful drawing worksheets for your Kids. To know more please see below. Best of Luck. :)

We all know that Holi is a festival of colors. Almost all of the people love playing with colors. But have you ever thought of telling your kids about the festival..?
Well, the answers are here.

How the concept of using colors came?
The Holi is celebrated in the month of March every year. In Bengali language this month is called "Bawsonto", i.e. the month that comes immediately after Winter (or "Sheet" in Bengali). Earlier, People used to suffer from an unknown disease during the time. So, they called it by the name of the month "Bawsonto".

In earlier times, Green Turmeric (i.e. Raw, from plant) was used greatly or in huge amounts in medicine. People even had it raw to keep body warm, healthy. Today also many people use it as antibiotics. It has great performance in keeping skin healthy and shiny. So, people at earlier times used raw turmeric paste as body masks, specially in the month of "Bawsonto", to keep their skin germ free and get rid of the disease.

Green Turmeric - Medicine
Later, the disease was given a name "Chicken Pox" from the research and medicine. People used to use that as medicine beforehand to prevent the disease.

Slowly, different natural colors that are made from flowers, different plants were used as an option to keep skin and hair healthy. This is how Concept of different colors other than "Yellow" came into action.

What is "Holi" in both terms?
In both terms I meant, by -- 1. Religion and 2. Scientific. And both are interrelated. The festival is also known as "Dolyatra" or "Dol Utsav". Religion says, Krishna is the lord of love. Earlier even now Young girls have a great craze about Him among them. He was a King and a great philosopher. During the season He used to play with His "Gopini"-s' (i.e. His girl friends) and His only Love "Radhika" or "Radha".

So, His devotees' also celebrate the festival. Places like Maya Pur, Shanti Niketan, etc. become very colorful this season.

Then Why do people use artificial colors now a days?
Now, people use artificial colors and not the natural ones, is due to less time for real care in their busy life. We all want to keep us and of course our family healthy and surrounding nature friendly. Still, as we can buy the colors by paying a couple of money, we think, we saved a lot of time. And most humans, being lazy as always, don't want to make it on their own, resulting in inviting the different skin problems caused by the chemicals, the artificial colors.

Nature, being mother of life, has almost no intention to harm us. We should bank upon her (i.e. Nature). Mother always loves her children. And the most amazing part of the natural colors is, no side effects. To play safe, enjoy the most, we should always go for natural colors.

In this resource you'll get different coloring pages on Holi or Dolyatra. You are welcome to download these attachments as many as you want. Each page consists of some message to kids. Gift this to your Kids. Happy Holi..! Have a nice day.



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