Baby Rabbit & The Sweet Tomato - a simple story for kindergarten students

Are you looking for a simple story for your kindergarten child? Here is a small story we composed for our child in his kindergarten story competition. Feel free to modify this story as you like and use it however you want.

Rabbits are my favorite pets. How about yours? They are cute, intelligent and fun to play with.

Let me tell you an interesting story about a small rabbit family, who used to live in on the shores of a small lake on the plains of a beautiful hill. They had gray fur, beautiful blue eyes and adorable long hairs. They built a small house under the rocks and lived happily.

Baby rabbit used to run around the lake everyday and that is what he used to do when it gets a bit boring at home and mother rabbit is busy cooking food. Sometimes, some squirrels and deers join him and they had a lot of fun those days.

One day, baby rabbit found a red, round fruit which he thought is a plum. But the squirrel, who considers himself as an expert on everything, told him it's a tomato and he can eat it. The excited baby rabbit picked up the tomato, ran into home and showed the tomato to his mother, who was busy making a carrot halwa for the evening snack.

To his disappointment, mother rabbit took the tomato from him and threw it to the backyard through the window. He was terribly upset and asked mom why she was so cruel to him. She said, "my dear son, I love you so much and when your parents do something, that will have a reason."

A couple of days later, baby rabbit came back from his playtime around the lake and he noticed a small plant germinating in the backyard. Tender leaves are his favorite and he was excited to pick them and eat. But his mother shouted from the kitchen "Don't eat them, leave it alone". He couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed to eat it, but he remembered the words from mom "when parents do something to you, there will be a reason behind it".

Few weeks passed by. The plant grew and became as big as his house. On day, baby rabbit woke up to see a lot of buds and flowers on the plant. He ran to the backyard to pick up all the flowers and show to his squirrel and deer friends. But once again he was stopped by his mom and he understood there will be a reason.

Days passed by and eventually the flowers turned in to small tender fruits. He had no clue what fruit it was, but as usual his mother stopped him from picking them.

A few days later, the small fruits turned in to big, red fruits and he realized they are all tomatoes. He was excited to see so many tomatoes in his backyard. But he waited for permission to pick them.

Once all the tomatoes became ripe, mother rabbit told baby rabbit to invite all of his friends for a party. In a few hours, his house was full of animals – squirrels, deers, … and so on. Everyone were excited to see what kind of party it is. Finally, the baby rabbit took them all to show the tomato plant with full of big red tomatoes.

Then mother rabbit asked the baby rabbit to go and pick up the best fruit from the plant. He thought he is going to get the special fruit but to his surprise, mother rabbit took it and threw it to the backyard. After that, she allowed everyone to pick as many tomatoes as they want and enjoy the party. Only the baby rabbit and his mother knew she threw the best tomato to the backyard. Mother rabbit was preparing themselves for another crop and harvest and baby rabbit learnt when parents do something, there will be a reason behind it.


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