Coloring Pages for Children

Coloring pages help children improve their thinking ability, motor skills and painting skills. Also, it is considered as one of the best activities for play schools to keep children occupied. Experts suggest that using crayons require some pressure compared to writing with pencils and hence it will help in making the fingers strong.

Coloring requires a lot of eye-hand coordination and will help your child master in it. You may have noticed children are choosing different colors for different parts of the picture and thus they are developing a color awareness.

You dont need to pay any money to get access to hundreds of coloring pages. Feel free to browse through our resources and print as many as you want. As long as you dont sell or distribute it commercially, you do not need to let us know in advance.

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Happy new year coloring pages

In this article I have attached coloring pages on the celebration of New year. These printables are based on the various things that are attached with this celebration. Give these pintables to your children and I am sure they will love to color these drawings.

Christmas coloring pages and customized greetings cards

Hi kids! Are you planning to present Greetings cards to your parents, elders, and friends for the Christmas Eve? Well, you are on the right place. MAking grreting cards is now much more simpler. Yes, in this resource you are going will find some beautiful Greetings card to download!

Printable Coloring Pages of Christmas Lights and Decorations

Kids love Santa claus and everyone knows it! They keep asking for some of their wishes in that letter as they think that Santa will fulfill their dream for sure! Some of them write asking for a toy or pen or pencil etc. See below for the details. Have a nice day and Merry Christmas to all the sweet, cute and intelligent kids out there from my side!

The Last Supper Printable Coloring Pages

Do you want to teach your kids about one of the very important events in the life of Lord Jesus, The Last Supper? Here you are at the right place, because Study Village provides you with innumerable printable coloring pages for the same theme. This article helps parents to provide the Last Supper Printable Coloring Pages for kids.

Coloring pages on Shapes to Create beautiful Flower Designs

Hi kids! You are familiar with the word "Shape". The word is really important for us even in our everyday life. Imagine what life would be if nothing had a proper shape. This resource will give you nice ideas of how to put shapes together to give it an awesome and beautiful structural look. Download and enjoy sharpening the brain activity. For details read below. Have a nice day!

Learn concept of shapes by drawing and coloring shapes

Shape may have a very big definition, but when you ask a child about shapes - What do they answer? If you are not aware of such interesting moment with your kid, don't let this beautiful opportunity go just like that..! Gift this resource to your child to go them beyond their horizon of thinking and discover the totally new kid at your home, your kid! To know more see below. Have a nice day! :)

Coloring pages for the colorful festival - Holi

Hello kids, today we'll be knowing little bit about the festival, Holi, we celebrate. Kids always love to play with different colors. If given a chance then they are always ready to play with water and colors! And if it is celebrated as a festival, then, no one can beat them. This resource you shall get to know Why is the festival celebrated? What was the reason to create such festival? Besides, you can download beautiful drawing worksheets for your Kids. To know more please see below. Best of Luck. :)

Ancient Bone and Stone tools Coloring pages

Here we with some coloring pages of some tools made up of stone and bones used by our ancestors for kids to gain some knowledge about tools used by our ancestors along with some fun. So feel free to print out these coloring pages as many you require.

Dora - The Explorer Cartoon character coloring pages

Here are some Dora coloring pages from the animated series "Dora - The Explorer". Dora is one of the most famous cartoon character from the cartoon series on Nick TV channel. Dora is a small girl who explores a world of adventures. Feel free to download and print these coloring pages

Noddy cartoon coloring pages

In this article I have attached some printable coloring pages of the famous cartoon character Noddy. Noddy is very famous cartoon among small kids. Kids like Noddy and his little taxi. I am sure children will like coloring these coloring pages as they like watching it on T.V.

Celebrate this New Year with Shinchan greeting cards

Who is unknown of Shinchan? Isn't this an impossible thing! Let's celebrate this new year with Shinchan and his greeting cards. Print out the new year Shinchan greeting cards from this resource and have fun in coloring and sharing them.

The Lion King coloring pages

Here are some The lion king coloring pages from the animated movie 'The lion king'. The lion king was one of the best animated movies by Walt Disney feature animation. It was released in 1994 and still its famous characters like simba, pumba, timon are the favorite characters of kids. Feel free to download and print these pages. Have fun coloring the Lion King!

Oggy and the cockroaches coloring pages

Here are some cool Oggy and the cockroaches coloring pages from the animated series Oggy and the cockroaches. I've explained about the characters on the article. Use the right color for the right character so that you can get an amazing picture. Feel free to download and enjoy coloring.

Pokemon coloring pages set 1

Here are some Pokemon coloring pages from the cartoon series Pokemon. Pokemon is one of the most widely watched cartoons on cartoon network. Feel free to download and print these coloring pages. Do give feed back.

Coloring pages of various face masks

In this article I have attached coloring pages of various face masks which can also be used as face masks by pasting them on card board and then cutting the outlines of the mask. So children can do this very interesting and enjoyable work in the summer vacations.

Nursery rhyme coloring pages for kids

Rhymes are the easy way to arouse interests of your kids in reading and if they can color their favorite nursery rhymes pictures than the fun become double. Here we are with several Nursery Rhyme Coloring Pages below. Just print them and see the joy on your kids faces.

Alphabetical birds fact and colouring pages for kids

Hello kids, Want to colour some birds? Here we have alphabetical list of birds, bird fact for kids and also birds colouring pages. In this article, I have mentioned, a-z bird list with fun facts. Do you know the world's smallest bird is bee humming bird and largest bird is ostrich, there are 372 parrot species found world wide, and many more facts. So, lets learn about birds.

Story coloring page - Three fishes

Hello kids, we have another moral story from Panchatantra, story of three fishes. In this article, I will mentioned the story of three fishes in Bengali. Here we read and colour the story of three fishes in Bengali. We learn that if anybody has problem, then he or she must cleaver enough to solve that, should not depend on luck.

Country Flags Coloring Pages for Kids

Coloring pages are a fun filled way to make kids learn the different country flags and remember the flags for a long time. As it is said, something done is learnt better than something heard or seen. These flags coloring pages are easy to print and can be stored for future use.

Ocean Animal Coloring pages for kids

Hello kids, Want to colour some ocean animals? Here we have lots of ocean animal colouring pages. Whale, the biggest water animal, shark with its sharp teeth, fishes, octopus and many more to colour. So, learn name and fun facts about the ocean animals, draw them and finally colour them.

Decorative flower pots and vases coloring pages

In this article we have provided coloring pages of flower pots and vases. Children love coloring flowers and also flower pots. Here are some coloring pages of different kinds of flower pots with different kinds of flower. Just download and take print outs of these coloring pages and give these to the children.

Tenali Raman printable coloring pages for kids

Most of the kids will be familiar with the name 'Tenali Raman'. He was the court poet of the Vijayanagara empire ruled by the great king Krishnadevaraya. This article contains the printable colouring pages of the most important incidents happened during the course of his life. Enjoy coloring this pages and have fun

Exotic cars printable coloring pages for kids

This article mainly covers the printable coloring pages of exotic cars. The children always love to color cartoon characters as well as vehicles. These coloring pages will help kids to know something about exotic cars. Just go through this article to know about various exotic cars and their peculiarities.

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