Art and Craft

Art and Craft is not just about fun but there more advantage associated with it. With art and craft activities a child learn in a playful manner. This section in Study Village provides various options including clay modeling, craft, gift ideas and coloring activities. Study Village thus plans to offer children with various craft and art activities which can help them learn various concepts in playful manner as well as get some fun while coloring, paper crafts, clay modelling and with gifts ideas.

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Diwali printable greeting cards

Are you looking for printable greeting cards. I have shared few here in this article. All you need is to do is Print it, Cut it and Paste it on to a thick sheet to make a greeting card.

How to make money envelopes at home

Money envelops are become the essential part of every occasion, in this article we are giving the templates for making money envelops and printable for Money envelops which can be used for different occasion like marriage, festivals, birthday etc.

Printable Diwali cards for kids

Diwali is the time of celebration and Greeting cards are the best way to celebrate and show your feelings to your loved one. Here is the collection of some Printable Diwali cards and messages which you can print and send to them.

How to make beautiful Paper Monkey

In this article I have mentioned how to make an beautiful paper Monkey. You can follow the instructions step by step and make it your own.Observe all the steps and make your own paper Monkey. These craft activities will help your children's in improving their skills and ability.

How to make a Lamp Shade for your bulb from paper

In this article, I am going to show you the procedure of making a lamp shade. It will help you to utilize paper for good use and also in developing your paper art and craft skill. Have fun in making a paper lamp shade in some minutes.

How to make 3d paper Christmas tree for Christmas decoration

Looking for 3d paper Christmas tree craft for Christmas decoration? Read on to get step by step guide with pictures to learn how to make 3d paper Christmas tree. You can use this Christmas tree for decoration and also gift them to your loved ones as Christmas party favor.

Paper cup bell craft for Christmas decoration

Looking for Christmas craft ideas? Here we are with some unique Christmas decoration ideas like Paper cup bell which is the perfect ornament for Christmas tree decoration or other can be used in other Christmas decorations.

How to make Bandhanwar or Door hanging at home for Diwali decorations

Looking for How to make Bandhanwars or Door hangings at home? Here we are with simple procedure to make Door hanging at home which can be used for Diwali home decorations or any other occasion. Please read below mentioned article to know all about homemade Door hangings or Bandhanwar.

How to make Floating candles for decorations and gift

Making Floating candles for decoration purpose at home is easy and fulfilled activity, you can make Floating candles at home, and in this article we are going to learn how to make Floating Candles at home to make your decorations complete. You can also use these Floating candles as a gifting option on the occasion of Diwali, Christmas and so on.

How to make Floating Rangoli for festive decorations

Making Floating Rangoli for Diwali decoration at home can be fun, you can make many types of Rangoli at home, in this article we are going to learn how to make Floating Rangoli at home to make your decorations complete.