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Children love working with computers and playing games. Why not take advantage of this interest and help them utilize their computer time effectively? StudyVillage is a best educational website for kids, designed to help students improve their skills by using computers and technology effectively. We do not offer any games just for fun, but we do have several "learn through fun" activities designed to develop various skills for kids. The free programs we offer include online puzzles to help children develop their brains, practice tests to help them score better in school academics, coloring pages for kids to learn through fun, printable puzzles to keep children busy offline, mini projects with step by step instructions and a lot more.

Activities for Children on Indian Republic Day

Indian Republic Day is on Jan 26th. Are you ready? If you are looking for activities for children in your school, checkout the activities suggested by StudyVillage. Featured Resources: 1. Republic Day Coloring Pages 2. Activities for Children on Republic Day 3. Republic Day Speech and Essay

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Select the best childcare software for your nursery or preschool

Are you looking for a perfect childcare software and a mobile app for your daycare, playschool or a preschool? Check out this research article on the features to look for in a nursery management software. We have also listed some of the best childcare management software currently available in the market.

A Speech for Students on Republic Day of India 2017

The Republic Day 2017 Speech! On 26 January 1950, India became Republic, the Constitution of India became effective, Dr. Rajendra Prasad took Oath of Office as First President of India. Every year we celebrate this day as 'Republic Day' by unfurling Tri Colors and Singing National Anthem 'Jan, Gan, Man...!'

Dora - The Explorer Cartoon Character Coloring Pages

Here are some Dora coloring pages from the animated series "Dora - The Explorer". Dora is one of the most famous cartoon character from the cartoon series on Nick TV channel. Dora is a small girl who explores a world of adventures. Feel free to download and print these coloring pages

Debate: Is Mobile Phone a Boon or Bane

Mobile phone is a boon or bane is one of the common debate topics in schools and colleges. Here is a debate that discusses the same in detail. If you are looking for some help on a debate or speech on the topic 'cellphone is a bane or boon', you can learn some tips from this.

How to Make New year Greetings Card for Kids

Hello kids! New Year is about to come. Then what are you planning to gift your friends? You know what, there is nothing as important as your time for them. And what if your friends can keep you time with them for ever! Yes! Make happy new year greetings card on your own and gift your friends and family. To know how. see the description below. Best of luck! Happy New Year!

Etiquette & Manners for Kids in School Coloring Pages

Earlier, we had talked about Etiquette and manners for kids in home. This time, we are providing coloring printable pages of Etiquette & manners for kids in School. It is most necessary for kids to obey and follow some etiquette in school also. These printable coloring pages will help kids to learn and understand different manners they should opt and perform in their school with their teachers and companion.

Save Environment Coloring Pages

In this article we have provided coloring pages and posters based on "Save Environment" concept for education and entertainment of your kid. Get Printouts of these images and provide to your children for coloring. These worksheets are not only for enjoying coloring but also teaching your kids, good manners for saving our Natural Resources.

Printable Coloring Pages of Christmas Lights and Decorations

Kids love Santa claus and everyone knows it! They keep asking for some of their wishes in that letter as they think that Santa will fulfill their dream for sure! Some of them write asking for a toy or pen or pencil etc. See below for the details. Have a nice day and Merry Christmas to all the sweet, cute and intelligent kids out there from my side!

Thanks Giving Day Coloring Pages

In this article I have attached some coloring pages on Thanksgiving. Thanks-Giving is a festival celebrated to give thanks to god for everything he has given us. Give these printables to your children and I am sure they will love to color these drawings.


New Educational Resources

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Using Flags Outside of Geography: How Students Can Enhance Their Learning
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Basics of Integration in Calculus: Definition, Techniques, & Examples
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How elementary students can check grammatical errors in sentences?
Learning how to identify grammatical errors in a sentence can help elementary students build a strong educational foundation. Since these students are in the very early years of their education, it is not easy for them to check these grammatical mistakes on their own.

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Why Every Teacher Should Spend Time in Special Education
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StudyVillage is a Best Educational Website for Kids This site is an excellent source of educational material for pre schoolers to high school students. The best part is, all our services are absolutely free. All our programs are children friendly and easy to navigate. It is very hard to make mistakes and there is no real damage your child can make by doing a mistake here. If you are looking for free and best educational website for kids, you are in the right place. Try the practice tests which is still 'work in progress'. If you can come up with good questions for our practice tests section, please feel free to add them to our database. Here is the link to post questions.