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Jumbled Words (Word Scramble) Puzzle

Create your own Jumbled Words puzzle and print it

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Title (name) for worksheet: Example: Animal Jumbled Words  

Type up to 20 words to create a 'Word Search puzzle'. "Hint" is optional and is needed only for jumbled words for small kids.
1.Word: Hint:
2.Word: Hint:
3.Word: Hint:
4.Word: Hint:
5.Word: Hint:
6.Word: Hint:
7.Word: Hint:
8.Word: Hint:
9.Word: Hint:
10.Word: Hint:
11.Word: Hint:
12.Word: Hint:
13.Word: Hint:
14.Word: Hint:
15.Word: Hint:
16.Word: Hint:
17.Word: Hint:
18.Word: Hint:
19.Word: Hint:
20.Word: Hint:
Check this only if you want to show all the words in random order the bottom of the worksheet so that it is easy for small kids to find the answers.

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