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    Blind imitation of the west is the reason for declining value

    Are you looking for a speech or essay on the topic Blind imitation of the west is the reason for declining value? Get some ideas and tips from this thread.

    I am preparing a speech on the topic "Blind imitation of the west is the reason for declining value". Can anybody give me some tips on this topic? What exactly it means? Should I say throughout the speech that the western culture is bad?
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  • It is a great topic for an essay or speech. There are couple of things you can include in the speech, which I will mention here. One thing to keep in mind is, you don't need to say western culture is good or bad. The topic is not really to prove western culture is bad. Instead, your goal should be to prove how the imitation of the culture could be bad for you. Every country has their own culture and values. It may not fit well for people in other countries.

    In your speech, you will have to look at various trends in your country, which are imitation of the western culture and explain how it is affecting the values in your country. You will have to project the culture and trends that are not really suitable for you but suits the western countries well. For example, consider the spending habits. In western countries, people do not save much for next generation, instead, they spend their earnings for their own comfortable life. That may not be the case in your country. In many countries like India, people save money for hard times and for next generation. The new generation seem to be interested imitating the west, you can say is not a good idea and could result in declining values.

  • It is very important to know that the western world brought Education to the rest of the world. However, Education had given man hope and a future. The present problem faced by the world today is due to blindly following their culture and abandoning our own culture. This is really injurious to us and the society at large. What could done now is to follow our heart and our culture which is our ways of life.

    "Train a child and you will have peace at old age"

    Adesola Adeyeye

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