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    How to make a child mentally prepared for preschool?

    Is your child mentally prepared for preschool? Read this thread for tips to make your kid school-ready.

    Now-a-days, preschooling is started at quite an early age. In India, a 2+ year age kid has to attend "Play Group" and 3+ age kid would attend "Nursery". These preschooling stages are very helpful for making the pupil school-ready. But, handling the first days at play group or nursery is quite difficult for some kids as well as parents.

    I have seen many kids crying and rolling on streets on the first day of playgroup or nursery. Now my son is about to enter the crowd. Can somebody suggest how to prepare the child mentally for attending the pre-school?

    Also, I would like to know if I have to teach my child some nursery rhymes before entering pre-school?
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  • This can be done psychologically in order to encourage the children about the importance of school. It is advicable for parents to tactically encouraged the children in their studies by giving them the necessary things of life that can aid their learning.

    "Train a child and you will have peace at old age"

    Adesola Adeyeye

  • Encourage the kid to mingle with people other than the parents. Send the kid to nearby houses where there are kids of the same age. This does not mean that the kid should be left for a long time. Even half hour will give better results. Take him to the park and leave him along with other kids so that he can make friends of his own. While visiting relatives, allow your child to leave you and enjoy with the other kids.

    On the first day at school, just leave the kid there and come back. Often the kids start crying when the parents are reluctant to go. If we are confident that our kid will behave properly, then he will. If we are unsure then there will be problem. Never talk in front of the kid as if the first day at school is going to be a trouble. Tell him that he will have lot of friends at school. There will be lot of toys, swings, cars, teddy bears etc. He will get nice cloths, new bag, umbrella and a lot of things as gifts. Like this, develop a genuine interest in the child to go to school.

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