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    A boy five years started gymnastics is always crying during training refuses to go to training .

    Are you wondering how to encourage the children for attending activity training? Need help for encouraging kids to swimming and gymnastic training? Find the answers here from our expert panel.

    I have a boy five years entered gymnastics team his trainer says his body is good but the boy hates to go training and is crying the whole session I've tried swimming .Got the same reaction. He just doesn't want to do any exercise or obey his trainers comments.I spoke with him on the benefits of exercise for body and mind. it's no use . What steps can I take to encourage him?
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  • It is very unfortunate that the parents of the boy want him to be an athlete but the boy refused by not practicing. It is easy to bring a horse to the river but you can not forced it to take water.Just encourage the child.

    "Train a child and you will have peace at old age"

    Adesola Adeyeye

  • Just consider his age. He is a small kid. So explaining the benefits of exercise will not do any good to him. Just use some other trick. Make friends with some kids who go to gymnastics or swimming classes. Show him videos of gymnastics at home. Elders can also join with him to do gymnastics at home. He should not feel that you are doing all these purposefully. So for the time being keep away from advicing.


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