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    Can I associate my Google Adsense at Study Village

    Dear sir,
    I am a regular member of India Study Channel and have and approve google Adsense account through ISC. Can I associate that account here at

    Members, please share your opinion at this site.
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    I was checking on that but so far I have not found that link in the drop down menu here. I think that would be possible only when more activity would take place here.

    Anyway, let us hear from the webmaster on that. He would be guiding us accordingly.

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    Can you please try it now and see if it works?

    You can go to Dashboard and click on "Manage AdSense Account"

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    Dear sir,
    I have saved my PUB-ID but no ad is shown. I also want to share that I do not have my own AdSense approved account. My AdSense account is approved through ISC. would it work here? Should I have to do any setting in my Adsense account? Let me know, please. I do not have knowledge of Google Adsense. So, I need your guidance.

    This site is of my interest as I am a teacher and my article is related to maths, botany and zoology. So, please guide me what I have to do.

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    Since this is the sister site of ISC , all the parameters are the same and the members can associate their Google AdSense with this site and that is allowed.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    I think we have to go to Google Adsense site and add the name of this site there where already ISC is reflecting. Is that the right way to do it?

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    Yes, Mr. Umesh, I also think so, but not sure. I am waiting for the reply of Tony sir, he will guide us in the best way.

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    The study channel allows all members for Google adsense to be able to write valuable and unique content.According to the guidelines, if you already have a Google Adsense account, you can add to it.You can read and join the Manage Adsense account article by going to the dashboard.

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    I have added my Publishers Id. of ISC to Study Immediately I got the message Your Ad-sense account works instantly here. So our ISC Ad sense Publishers Id. works in any of the sister sites of ISC. Thank you Tony sir for your useful information with regard to Ad-sense through this thread.

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    I also entered my AdSense number in this site starting with pub- and now studyvillage is showing that it is linked.

    So, Mr Hakimuddin, you can also try to go to Manage Adsense in the dashboard of studyvillage and click it and try to enter your pub- number when it asks you to do so. Hope it works.

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    I have done but how can we decide whether it is working or not? I have submitted pub Id but advertisement is not shown below the link. Is it working or not? let me know please.

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    Frankly speaking that part I am not clear. As per my understanding, SV being a sister concern of ISC some mechanism is there that we have done. Now whether the Adsense revenue would be clubbed to our ISC Adsense account or not is not clear to me. I also understand that we need not to add this SV site in our Adsense settings as it is already taken care inside ISC. These are all my understandings and naturally I am not sure of them and I think in this situation a line from webmaster would only remove the clouds from our vision.

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    Eventhough it showed linked after adding Pub- id and it turned green but it is not showing Approved as in ISC. In the Google AdSense analysis it is showing Indiastudychannel (2) instead of It is also saying subdomain is not added and also not reviewed. It seems the ISC management has to do something for the functioning of AdSense.

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    You need to be a Gold member to activate Adsense on this site. I think that holds true for all spiderwork sites. There should also be substantial amount of content posted by you. I would suggest that you post several high-quality articles before activating Adsense.

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    Thanks Juana for your clarification. I was under the impression that ISC members who have already linked their Adsense account here can be benefited and I did same and it was linked also in the yellow box but actually if there is a flow of earning through that link is not known. Mr Hakimuddin also has expressed same doubt.

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    Thank you Juana madam for your clarification. I tried to post some articles but the section is restricted. I have posted a thread to remove restriction but there is no response so far.

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