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    What type of craft or game activities the children like most

    We are engaging the children with many craft and fun activities in the house. We also tell them some indoor games and advise them to play and pass their time constructively. There are many activities which can be used to engage them. For example playing a word game in which they would in turn tell a word from the last letter of the earlier word. Can you suggest some similar activities to be given to the children in our houses? Please share.
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    As already the webmaster has suggested for thinking of new innovative crafts which should not be in any book, net or video. This seems to be a challenging way, to create our own. Our inner abilities have to be brought out now.

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    Sharada, yes I agree that we have to think of new ideas and we would definitely innovate new craft and creative ideas for the children.

    Meanwhile what I am thinking is to contribute some small small posts or articles or ideas in form of riddles for the kids, puzzles for the children, creative engagement ideas for kids etc and let us not make them lengthy but small ones so that more such new posts or articles or projects are generated here and that would definitely evoke interests of the surfers seeing the latest contributions.

    Mr Hakimuddin is already thinking to contribute here as he is an experienced teacher. Dr Deepali from ISC is also joining here. You might be knowing that she is very talented and hard working as we have seen her work in ISC.

    So with all these people around we would be able to post a handful of projects or articles or ideas here which would help to grow this site further.

    I will also request everyone to send the invitation to friends via Facebook or WhatsApp to join here. So let us do it and meanwhile I do hope that webmaster would find out and announce other modalities for the members to attract them and make them stay here for long.

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    I think paper activities are most liked by the children. If you give color and paper to any child, they would scribble or try to make some impression out of their creative knowledge. And through paper many things may be done. My wife being teacher she always insisted the paper works would keep the children happy and going. They would come with innovating coloring, usage of paper as the decorative items with different colors of paper and with papers many children would love to make the fly planes , boats and even flying bird. All these are the creative ideas emanated from the teachers and passed on to the students.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Yes, that is one good creative way to engage them in sketching or colouring like tasks.

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    If you talk about games activity, then children should play indoor games as well as outdoor games, so that the physical fitness of the children is maintained, though the games are all good but after playing outdoor games one feels like a freshness no matter who Have outdoor games .Talking about indoor games, play games in which children get to learn something along with games.In this article I am creating the list of some indoor and outdoor games which will be useful for children.

    1.Balancing beam
    2.Pitching pennies
    3.Indoor bowling
    4.Out and in hangman
    Now we will talk about some outdoor games which are given below

    1.Yard twister
    2.Backyard obstacle
    3.Oversized memory game
    4.Hula blockers

    There are many games that are better for kids

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    The other way to engage the children is to stamp their hands on the paper with the writing ink pad impression and then paste their creative hand images on the paper.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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