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    Moral lesson from this short story of Ramayana

    Children always likes short stories and stories with morals. When Sita along with her sons Lav and Kush was busy in cutting trees for the fire wood, the twins start cutting even the small plants which are growing. Soon on seeing that, Sita gave the lesson that one should not cut the growing plant or tree but always has the right to cut those trees which are already gone dry. This big lesson changed the attitude of the children and they sought apology from the plants they cut. So children should learn the moral that they have no right to disturb the ecology balance which is must for the mankind.
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    It is our duty to educate the children and make them aware about the environment and habitat. The author has given a good idea to link this with our mythological stories in which the children take interest and hear them.

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    In fact children should feel the nature and the parents should create the importance of protecting the nature.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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