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    Divert the attention of adamant children

    Most of the parents pamper their children to such extent that they would hand over anything to them to keep them cheerful and playing. We know many parents are parting with their cell phones to the little child who has the chance getting the eye sight at the young age. So whenever children ask for the cell to part with, take them outside, show some animals, vehicles or other small children playing and try to mingle the child with them. Surely the attention is diverted and as for as possible the parents should not meddle with cell phones before the children,
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    Very true that we have pampered our children to such an extent that we ourselves cannot control them. We have to divert their mind to some constructive and creative activity where they can learn also some new things and their imaginative faculties are given chance to bloom in a natural way. Taking them out and learning by seeing the nature around, the flora fauna around is a great experience. Children should be exposed to the nature and our habitat as early as possible. It would bring multifold development in them.

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