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    Where does children get first primary education? a small brief about primary education

    Children get their first primary education from their own family, where they learn about respect discipline, lifestyle and even important day care. Primary education is very important for the success of any child but we get academic education but If we are deprived of primary education then our life is incomplete. In primary education, children learn about daily education in their life in the primary education stressful and easier taught in primary education.It is also the duty of the families to give good primary education to their child first so that they can use it in their future to introduce this education in their routine.If there is no discipline in us, respect for someone,then our academic education is useless, along with academic education, we also need to learn primary education.
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    It is the fact that the parents are the first teacher for any child and especially the mother plays very important role in teaching every intricacies of life. Let it be moral lessons through story, let it be daily food habits, let it be how to keep the body clean and neat, let it be giving lessons on ethics and let it be giving preaching on their own religion as to what should be done daily and so on. Mother is the close watch to the child because every move is watched and corrected and the child moves on the right path. Before going to the virtual school the child is already learned basics of life and that is the reason being so many students when put to test their knowledge for seeking admissions even to the pre primary they perform well much to the satisfaction of the parents and the school management in which the admission is sought.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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