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    How Home Schooling Has Become Important For Children?

    Home schooling has become a choice of parents nowadays, everyone has different facts about home schooling where parents want to give primary education to the children at home, either they are not satisfied with the idea of ​​school or they are confident that they give their children Can give good education to children through home schooling.
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    Some parents believe that small kids should be educated in home rather than sending them to school. To some extent this is all right but then parents would have to spare time to teach them and today when most of the parents are doing jobs how it would be possible.

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    I complete agree with you umesh sir and I am aware that there are many parents who send their children to primary school or play school because of jobs, I believe that your jobs are also necessary, but along with this, you have to give your children future You should also worry about if you behave like a friend to a child Frankly Behave from childhood, then he will understand your things quickly and in the future Won't hesitate to tell you anything. Many children are shy and quiet But we have to instill such a habit in them from childhood that they can share their things and this will be possible only when you spend time with them.Your job is no bigger than your child's good and discipline future.

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    Our children are habituated to virtual schooling all these years and they have got accustomed to school atmosphere minded by the teacher. The strict implementation of rules in the class rooms would even change the adamant child to mend the ways. But the home schooling is the new concept and the children are not yet accustomed to the new way of learning. I have seen one pattern in the morning hours the children are asked to be present in uniform before cameras and they questions are posed for them to give the answer by evening. The child should write the answers in the note book and that image should be shared on the school social media group. By 4 PM the concerned teacher would correct the paper and award the marks and suggest improvements. But the children are not doing the work at home and the parent has to chase them.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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