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    Create book reading habits and avoid parting with cell phones to the children

    The first five years are very critical for any new parents and they have to nurture the children in such a way that they should be guiding them to great future ahead. Never ever meddle with your cell phones when your little child is wake or closely watching your moves. Instead Create book reading habits and avoid parting with cell phones to the children. Many parents are pampering the children to talk to father or grand parents over the phone and that gives them much chance to explore more in the gadget and slowly they become addict to it. So do not bring cell phones before the eyes of the growing kids.
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    A good upbringing is also a way for a good child to become great. Children follow the same habit as we follow a child.We should focus on the child's habits right from childhood.As far as the habit of reading books for children is concerned, I agree that this is also a good habit, but should not ignore any activity of the child, whether it is playing gadgets, playing games, there is some talent inside every child. We just need to know and encourage that talent.Children are like pure water, the color they add will change to that color.

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    I am also agreeing to response given above that good up bringing by the concerned parents also matters to change the attitude of the child.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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