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    Slow internet a hurdle for online class

    When the internet is slow and not catching the video content, then it would be difficult for the students to attend the online classes being done by the schools.Parents must ensure that their computer or the smart phones are connected with the high speed internet so that the videos emanating from the schools should not hinder the quality and output. There are complaints from the students that more frames in the video is also causing the interruptions and thus this problems should be sorted out as the future is going to be classes through the internet and this need to be addressed.
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    Yes online classes or work from home. We need high speed internet. As far as work from home is concerned, we cannot work without high speed internet but we can do a change in online classes of children if internet problem comes. If it is, then online tutor has to develop an app which can be accessed offline also and that app will have to be updated daily so that children feel like these daily classes, which are rural areas, there are more problems of internet in urban areas, yet there are some facilities in urban areas, if any parents also connect to mobile, then their internet is one or Only limited to 2 GB

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    Yes, this is going to be a big problem for online classes. More data is required now to attend these long classes and Govt has to think in these terms to provide more data on some reasonable rates to the students. I think telecom companies would also agree for that proposition. Nowadays many data packages are available for 80-85 days giving 1.5 GB per day along with free SMS and call times. The charges are about Rs 550 for the pack and that comes to about Rs 180 per month. This has to be made more lucrative by increasing the data value available per day.

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    Every one is using internet these days and less voice calls hence the data packs are costlier according to the rising demand. Moreover since it is lockdown most of them browse the net to collect various information leading to non availability of network during the day.

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    Most of the people are using the video format on the cell phones and also the computer and that is the reason being so the internet goes slow.
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