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    Let the children ask questions and you better prepared to answer

    I think ever new parent must be experiencing this fact that the growing children are bound to ask many questions and they keep on asking questions even though the parents give them the answers. But if the child again ask such questions means the answer given was not right or not reached to their understandable level. In that case it has become necessary for the parents to know everything that is going on around and keen observation by parents on every matters can alone make them learn and impart the same to the children. Let the children ask questions and you better prepared to answer
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    Parents should have an answer to every children's question If children are not satisfied with the answers to some questions, then they should be told to express them so that there is no confusion in the child.In confusion, that question keeps wandering in the mind and causes stress.The child should be made stress free from his childhood
    If there are no questions for the children and they want to know, then in this condition, the parents will have to tell it.the answer of this question is not necessary for you and also tell them why this not necessary This will clear the doubts inside the child.and I agrees, with the statement of Sir, parents get ready to answer every question.

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    Parents should expect varied questions from the child because the mind is growing and observations around are being seen and ought to know.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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