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    Never quarrel in front of the child

    A child mind is most sensitive and always seek for love and affection but in some homes the husband and wife picks up quarrel and face off even on small issues without even considering the fact that the child is watching their quarrel and need to be controlled. The child gets frightened due to this attitude of the parents and the child would go sulking and not asking anything with the fear that the quarrel would turn to his or her side and the tiff would be further aggravated. So parents should shun quarrel in front of the child.
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    Very nice thoughts. Children learn what they view and see their parents doing. They simply mimick and copy their ways. It is imperative that parents should behave and function in utmost graceful ways.

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    Children closely watch what the parents are doing in front of them and therefore the parents behavior matters the most.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Parents have to be very careful as children observe our behaviour carefully and replicate the same. Sometimes over pampering by grandparents overlood by parents is also disastrous.

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    Yes, I agree that pampering is one of the evils that can spoil the children much and then it becomes difficult to bring them back to the normal behaviour. Once the child knows that he has some bargaining power he would always use that as a tool to pressurise the parents.

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    Husband and wife may have lots of difference of opinion but that should be sorted out when the child is sleeping or playing with other child.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    For children, parents are like God, but small mistakes of parents can affect the lives of children.Children can be mentally and physically sick.Children who understand what they learn in their life, they follow the same in the coming days, so do not mention any such things in front of the children that ruin their future.Many times parents' constant quarrel ends their ability to understand,Whenever parents fight, the children do not understand it, but the children get angry inside and the parents eclipse their children's happiness.In such a situation, children are far away from their parents, and with this they fall prey to the outside world.And this also becomes a reason for children to follow the wrong path.That is why never fight in front of children.This also becomes a reason for the child to leave the house.Children trust most of their parents, but if you constantly fight in front of children, then the children lose their trust in their parents.Constant fighting in front of children creates a wrong feeling towards parents of children.Children should be afraid of parents so that children can never do wrong things, but your constant fighting reduces the fear of children.

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