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    Children missing the adorable connect with working parents

    Children need constant connect from the parents especially the mother and if she happens to working in government office or the bank, returning home is invariably late and during the account closure month the work at bank would continue to late hours and the small kids miss the mother touch very much. During this lock down period the children cannot hug the mother as she comes from outside with public connect. Surely children are missing the great adorable connect from the mothers during this time.
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    This is a very subtle thread by the author bringing out the best of human sentiments. In today's situation the social distancing is even taking a toll inside the family as the child would not be allowed to mix with the mother immediately if she is returning from the provision store or vegetable shop. She has to first wash and clean herself thoroughly before attending to children. Now the children would not be able to understand this change in the behaviour of the parents and they have to be somehow explained and educated about this so that they understand and do not insist for closeness which earlier they cherished.

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    Today morning I came across a video that a doctor who visited her home after 40 days was given rousing reception but the children are the most affected.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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