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    We are looking for a volunteer to manage this website

    We are looking for one (or two) volunteers to manage this website.

    The role of the volunteer to guide other users, respond to forum queries, review/approve/delete posts in various sections etc.

    The person should be able to understand the concept of this website. It is a site meant for small kids - typically less than 10 years. The goal should be to add more features and content to attract more and more kids to the website.

    There will be no remuneration at this time for the volunteer. As the name says, this is a volunteering job. In future, as we grow, we may introduce some small reward programs.

    If you are interested, please post a message below showing your interest. Briefly explain who you are, what you do, how can you contribute to StudyVillage etc
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    I feel the experienced editors of ISC can be requested to handle this site as there is no much work as of the date and when the site develops then permanent editors can be appointed.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Dear sir, I am ready to do this volunteer job. Myself Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala is a teacher in Mohammediya H. S. School, Rampura District Neemuch of M.P.

    This site is of my interest and I can also post different articles and worksheets for the small kids.

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    I am also interested. I am posting content since last year at ISC. If you feel I can take this responsibility. I will be happy to work.

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    It is great that our two members who are already active in ISC have taken up this challenging job. Due to my age and other involvements and engagements I am not able to offer myself but I know both of you are very able and competent persons for this type of job. I would always be there for any help or guidance if you seek in future. Our ultimate aim is to bring this site to its old glory. All the best. Keep contributing.

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    Dr Deepali:
    I am very happy to see that you have joined here as mentioned by you in one of the posts in ISC when we discussed this matter in ISC. I have made some posts here to remind the old members to join but so far no response has come. I am trying to submit a few games/ magic tricks etc here for the children. Let us all try to increase content here in our own humble ways. All the best.

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    I am happy that most of our active members are joining study village, regarding the Volunteers i want to apply for this position please tell me the eligibility and also want to say that We will also proceed under the guidance of whomever will choose the study village.

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    This is a position like almost an editor of the site and the person should have good experience of writing, editing, comprehending and taking decisions on the submitted posts etc on a regular basis and definitely if selected by the management of this site, some senior and experienced member can take up this challenge and mange this site. So that is the minimum eligibility required and accordingly the person would be selected for that responsible job. Meanwhile let us try to improve our English, spellings and grammar and try to contribute in many sections here and enrich this site and soon as webmaster had indicated in one of his posts that there would be some minimal reward system also available to the members, let us hope that we would have that in future. Till that time as a member it is our responsibility to submit good quality content here so that traffic to this site rises. Remember unless the traffic rises we would not get any reward.

    One more thing I want to mention is please check your post for all sort of corrections before you submit them as it looks very shabby to observe minor and small mistakes in the posts. In case it happens unknowingly please edit it and change. It is very necessary and those members who do not follow this principle of minimum quality are some times refrained for posting their contents. We should avoid that bad situation.

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    I am a new member to this site but I am an old member in indiastudychannel. Till 31st May, I don't know that this channel requires some contributions and volunteer to manage this site. Like me many other members will be there that not knowing about this channel problems. So I request this site webmaster to post the above message as a forum in I had text this message that was known to my knowledge, I don't know whether it is right or wrong. I think many members are ready to contribute to this channel, if the main editor is available this site will definitely reach a peak.

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