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    How to do self improvement?

    Understanding every aspect in life, one should always improve yourself.There is no limit to improve yourself.The more you improve yourself, the greater the height of success increases.Invest in yourself This means spend time in a place where you are learning something which is increasing your skills.Do not hesitate if you have to spend some money for this.Like if you want to spend some money to learn English, then you should do it because from here you will get some return which will be very useful in your life.Nowadays you must have seen that even after doing some courses, you have to do certification course, that certification course is your self improvement, you have learned, now you want to increase your knowledge.All the successful people, they keep improving something in their life and this is the story of successful people.Everyday you should ask yourself what did we learn today? How can it make our life more successful?Take Japan,When World War II took place, it was the most devastating country, but where do you know it by improving itself now?We had seen in childhood that if there was a 6-hour class, then the child was first extended to class for 1 hour and then daily by 1 hour.With little improvement we can make our life successful.
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    Before I come to the issue raised in this post, please note that if you give a space after the full stop in every sentence in your post then it would look cleaner and more impressive. Please do that in your future posts. Your post is very good but this small thing is making it to look untidy.

    Self improvement is a long process and I agree that every day we have to endeavour for it. The purpose of reading, writing, and discussing things is only to bring improvement in our lives. Why we go for education and higher education? Only for getting improvement in our mental faculties. It is only the improvement that brings success in life. We must make it a habit in our life to seek improvement.

    I want to suggest you that there are some sections here where you can create some articles, fun activities, magic tricks and games etc and you can go through the earlier articles to see how to do it. As webmaster has already indicated that if the activity in this site is increased then they can also think of giving some little reward for the article contributions. Just see if you can submit some good articles here.

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    Self improvement is the greatest test which we impose on ourselves to see that improvement is made from the past. If we learn from the past mistakes that itself a process of self improvement, and whenever some people pass on rave criticism on your works, take it as a challenge and show improvement in the next work and try to get good remarks from the same person, Suppose the mother prepares the food for the entire family thinking that the taste would suffice all, but surely one or two criticisms would certainly made either directly or indirectly. And if the mother eat her own food, then she would come to understand the mistakes done and that gives further challenge to prepare same food with good taste. Likewise everyone should give thought on the criticism made and try to improve with great stride,
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