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    Recognise wild animals and pet animals- for kindergarten kids

    Lets begin now, feel yourself as kindergarten children and just answer in a line or two with simple words used by these children.

    Today we will discuss about animals. Can you name atleast five animals:-
    1. Dog
    2. Cat
    3. Lion
    4. Tiger
    5. Giraffe
    That's great. There are two types of animals-wild and pet animals. Wild animals live in the forest. Pet animals also called as domestic animals live in the houses with humans. Hope you all are clear. Now let's check which one of the listed animals falls under which type.
    1.Dog-where does it live? It lives with humans. So its a pet animal.
    2. Cat- where does cat live? It also lives with humans. So it is also a pet animal.
    3. Lion- where can you see the lions? In the forests, isn't it? So it is a wild animal.
    4. Tiger- where does tiger live? Again it lives in forests. It is also a wild animal.
    5. Giraffe- where can we find this long necked animal? In forests, yes. So it is also a wild animal.

    Now you all can continue by adding 3-4 animals and answering in simple sentences. Don't elaborate on explaining messages. It would be feasable if you could continue by adding more animals to the list.
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    Good start made by the author. Apart from the above animals some people are interested to have fish aquarium in their homes. Children are fond of fish as they would be constantly moving with wagging its tail and the colorful fishes are the treat to watch inside the aquarium. But parents must take care of the protecting the glass box with water and fish as the children want to touch and feel the fishes inside the box. There fore there should be continued vigil on the aquarium box and while feeding the fishes the children may be taught about the special feed for the fish and that should be kept away from the reach of the children. And whenever the parents want to go out for long duration the fish should be fed sufficiently before leaving and when they are going on long tours, better hand over the box to the relatives to maintain,
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    This is a good fun activity initiated by the member. We can do it with our children in the house and it would definitely enhance their knowledge. Let me add some more animals to this post.

    First is the rabbit. Rabbits live in grasslands, forests, meadows etc and they can also be kept as pet. They are supposed to be very innocent and simple animals and can be made friendly if kept as pet. They are found more in North American habitats.

    Next is squirrel. They live in all sorts of areas except deserts and polar regions. They are very active and can climb trees very efficiently. They would come near the houses, in the verandahs and take if some food is there. Most of them like seeds and nuts. I think with some efforts they can be kept as pets but it is not so straightforward as that of the rabbit.

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