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    Create art of listening to your child

    It is indeed a great challenge for every parent to nurture the child to the way they want and some of them are inducing the child to their plans and they are successful too. But every child should be created to art of listening to the others. By doing so a child would not only understand the others but also have the chance to respond rightly. Invariably we find that the children are poor listeners as they want to implement their thought and demands on opposite persons and we succumb to their behavior out of love and affection but we are preventing them from growing rightly. So create listening habits in your child.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Handling a child is the toughest work for the parents. It is a job where even the experienced psychologists fail. It is said that one should adopt a stick and carrot policy while dealing with the children. I think it has some sense in it. We cannot always bang them for their mischievousness. We must talk to them, establish a dialogue and then communicate with them in the best possible way to understand their problems and issues. Listening to them itself would solve a lot of problems as when they see that they are attended they would be a happier lot.

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