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    Be a friend to your child and not a chiding parent

    I am having two children and both are nurtured in a friendly way. My son and daughter are much close to me and discuss any issues so frankly and in a friendly way. We never chided our children nor they gave the chance to do so. We never asked them to write or read and they would do themselves on their own and my wife used to make them study the tomorrows portion for today and thus they were ranker from the initial classes and maintained the same. So what I mean to say that be a friend to your child and never boss over them.
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    Parents ought to turn into their children closest companion in light of the fact that a child can impart everything to them if now and again the child is turning out badly they can address them. A closest companion is an individual with whom a child can share everything from pity to bliss . Everything in the day are shared by your children to their closest companions Parents being a closest companion can make a huge difference kids need they can make a spot .Indeed. If parents become closest companion to their youngsters, their kids will turn into a good person by having a decent coach. Moreover, it guardians are you companion, it will moving joy for the youngsters. Along these lines, I unequivocally concur that guardians ought to become their child's closest companion since guardians kids fellowship in the first place and guardians can be empowering when the youngsters absence of boldness

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    Good response from Reza as the good parents turns as the child's best companion if the friendship way of treating is done, surely there would not be any face off.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Thank you Mohan Sir for appreciating me.Appreciation gives motivation and longing to post well.Your post provides a lot of motivation

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