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    Have the habit of responding to threads

    Since this site is new, who ever is available online must be contributing in different sections and for that there should not be restrictions and posting quota as done in ISC. Since we want to gather more members to this site, existing members should not be restricted in any sections and in fact be allowed to post many articles and forum threads. That way this site can have the future of good site and trending. And those who are members here must respond to the threads already posted and that way the posts should not remain non attended.
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    A good thought and yes, we all have to continuously post and response here and then only we would be attracting more members here. Already members have submitted about 5-6 articles and once the site editor or manager is appointed, he would look upon that. Right now they are in 'under submission' category and as some of them were not up to the mark we have advised the concerned members to edit them so that they do not feel embarrassed when the editor rejects them or asks for review. So all these actions are going on to bring the site to more activity and surfers would may take a note of it and start coming to the new submission and in that mode sometimes view some excellent old information also. So I am hoping for all those positive things happening in the site in future. I would request members to go through the old information here which would not only serve as a bench mark for us but also give us ideas for our new submission.

    We all know that internet is a place of stiff competition and the quality is required along with a lot of quantity of that quality material. So how we are going to accomplish that is a challenge for the members here but I feel we would be able to do that even with our slow positive pace.

    Webmaster is watching all these developments and has already taken a stock of the situation and we would be hearing from him the words of guidance in this regard time to time. I am taking the privilege of mentioning him in my post in this expectational manner. Hope he takes it in that spirit only. So keep contributing and all the best.

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    Yes our contributions here are monitored by webmaster directly until permanent arrangements of editors are arranged.
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    As we know this site is new and we should do maximum contribution.Don't worry about cash credit on this site right now, webmaster will credit you according to your work.The site is even better for new joins, they can learn a lot from this site which will help them in the future.As far as the response to the thread is concerned, giving a response in a thread continuously improves your knowledge along with your English.We should contribute towards furthering this site right will be benefited from your contribution.

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