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    Group Discussion- Pampering of child pros and cons

    I am starting this new group discussion which should create great impact and effort from members and also those who are seeing this thread on the internet. The new parents who have their first child wants to give full and fair attention to all the details of nurturing and in that process they also resort to undue pampering which the child never demanded and thus over the period of time it becomes challenging for the parents to get rid of child's adamant attitude on every matter. Do you support pampering and discuss pros and cons of the subject.

    I would request Webmaster Tony to monitor this discussion and award cash credits and award at the end.
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    Mr Mohan it is good to see that you have started such a good subject for GD that I am tempted to give my views immediately. Moreover I feel that it is too early to expect cash rewards in this site because initial stabilisation time would take at least a month or two and then seeing the current traffic, the webmaster would take a decision. Anyway you have frankly expressed your opinion but it would take some time.

    Pampering of children is an issue that has affected many families and everyone is at their wits end as how to deal with this situation. It is natural that parents would love their offsprings and in that affection pamper them. But later it becomes a big nuisance as the child demands the facilities more often and parent feel that they had done a wrong thing. Frankly speaking, we as parents should avoid pampering of the children as far as possible. In my perception, pampering is an evil which would finally boomerang on us. We must control our urges for pampering.

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    Thanks for the first response which is opposing the pampering attitude in the parents. And as regards to cash credits it would induce more members to participate.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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