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    Do you wish your child be promoted or write exams to pass?

    In the present circumstances when many schools have not completed the portions and not conducted the exams and the next academic year is almost about to start, the state governments has asked the school management to promote the children to next class without even conducting exams. Do you wish your child be promoted or write exams to pass? Because through exams only the knowledge, the understanding level of the student and the writing profess are known to the teacher and parent and thus exams are must to determine the pass to next level.
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    Exams are very important for every student. .Exams are the way to test our knowledge. Without conducting the exams and test students don't concentrate in their studies and learn their lessons properly. Exams are necessary in schools and colleges to find out the real skills, talents and knowledge of the students.Exams have an important role in the process of learning and in the whole educational institution." Exams and tests are a great way to assess what the students have learned with regards to particular subjects. .Strengths and weaknesses can also be assessed through exams

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    Appreciate Reza for supporting the conducting of exam would be the main plank to access the student in all capacities and just promoting to other class would be farce.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    It is very well understood by the teachers and parents that March is a month for annual exams. Keeping this in mind the syllabus and time frame will be set as well time table will be allotted subjectwise to the teachers. As far as i know all the portions were completed and revisions were started but since Government presurrised on preponing the exams, a few subjects exams were written by students. This situation may vary from school to school. Some wouldn't have started also.
    Coming to assessing the students. They are not assessed in one go like it used to be few years back. There are two formattive and two summatives out of which only one summative is hindered due to COVID-19. Regular class tests, project work and classroom activities also adds to internal assessments. Hence teachers can judge the pulse of their students easily.
    A very meagre group of students may be weak at studies but health issues are an important aspect, we have to keep in mind if the children are suffered then the next citizens will never exist to continue.
    If this virus situation had not arised children were ready to write the exams, even today they can face with confidence supported by prior information and recalling the gist of their knowledge.

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    If a choice is given then writing exams is the best solution but due to the impending virus threat that is not going to happen for some time. So, the next alternative is to go for online exams but for that a large infrastructure is required and every student would not be having the video conferencing facilities in his house. The last and third alternative is to promote all the students to the next class and then either wait for the present threat to subside or start online classes for the next class. What we are doing under the present circumstances is due to the compulsion only and is not by the choice.

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