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    I have added Adsense but still confuse about this how to get revenue ?

    Respected all i have added Adsense with my own published ID now i am confused how to get the revenue from this if anyone know this the process,explain me.Everyone wants to keep getting rewarded along with work, which gives him courage.i want to be a long term with this site so the requested to the editors elaborate me the process
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    The ISC Google AdSense ID is your gateway to enter into this site also and just apply the same through the AdSense account and rest all would be after Google approving your application.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    You have to get a Google Adsense account for earning revenue from Google Adsense advertisements in your page or site or blog and then that is to be linked with the sites where you are contributing. Generally Google Adsense will not allot you an Adsense account until you are at least a Gold member in ISC or its sister sites. I am afraid you have to wait for that till you reach that level and contribute at least 10 or more approved articles etc.

    If you have already got an Adsense account because of your activities elsewhere you can link it to ISC or any other site where you are working. Google Adsense takes some time in approving this linkage thing and then advertisements would start to be revenue linked with your account. Depending upon traffic to your contribution pages you may earn some revenue from Google Adsense. Today there is a big crowd of online writers and due to that the Google Adsense revenue would be very little may be per day only $ 0.01. For super contributors it might go up to $0.1 to 0.5 per day. I am getting about $0.01 per day on an average which comes to $4 in a year.

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    Sorry from your submission it seems have your own published account and not the one generated through this site. ISC has the adsense profile page for every member through which getting adsense and associating the same with other accounts is also possible.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Thanks Mohan Sir for guiding me i will do that and will write more articles so ISC will also generate me a separate account.

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    You told that adsense revenue is very little $0.01. Year $4 . Then how ISC pays you there. ISC is also dependent on adsense revenue. If ISC gets like you then will it pay you? No. So what you can understand that ISC gets huge revenue and part of it, is paid to members contributing like you. And if your revenue is low means that your contents did not fetch traffic. Merely forum participation with lot of contents will not get you traffic and thus revenue. So you have to contribute in a balanced manner. Write articles more and in between participate in Forum. That would definitely increase your traffic and thus revenue. This is the case in ISC. But new and underdeveloping sites like studyvillage and any other sites will have already low traffic or no traffic. So start with main thing from articles, but it does not give immediate result. May be in the long run, definitely traffic will increase. You can even earn more than $1000 in the coming years. All the best!

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    Jebaprincy, It is a matter of great happiness for all of us to see you posting here. Slowly more experienced members are joining here. Somehow I have a feeling that this site has tremendous potential and if some more members from ISC come here for say a little time out of their busy schedule then this site is going to attract more traffic.

    Actually, when I was going through my Adsense earnings details from November 2019 to today (as for me Adsense started from then only), then I found that whatever earning was there then most of it was deducted back telling that it was illegal operation. When I floated that issue in a post in ISC last week only (please go through that post if you can spare some time) then Vandana, ME and many other members told that same thing was happening with them. So if this new methodology by Adsense continuous my speculation for the annual $4 might come true. I do not know about the other members as what is their experience in this regard. I think we can discuss this issue again in ISC if you or someone starts a post there on these general aspects about Adsense and I believe it would benefit all the members.

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    Jebaprincy, I want to add one more thing here that the Adsense earnings were actually ok but for those deductions that I told in the above post it became so low to make it $4 in a year.

    As regards my contributions in ISC, I am getting a good traffic to my Ask Experts section where I have answered about more than 2000 questions in last 3 years on various subjects. In article side my contributions are limited to only 35 numbers and so but that also I would be putting some more efforts. So low traffic is not the real cause behind the problem I am facing. That is why I am interested to discuss this issue in ISC where more experienced people like you could help others to understand what is going wrong and where.

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