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    Conversation between mother and child related to online classes.

    Situation: There is continuation in lockdown, mother is worried, children are playing. Just then a pop up message drags mother to her mobile. "Good morning parent, we are starting online classes for kids, hence make arrangements for tomorrow's class between 5pm to 6pm by the English teacher for your child"

    Mother: Child where are you? Your school has sent a message regarding the online classes. Let's hurry up! help me to arrange your study materials.

    Child: Mom, its only from tomorrow. Let me enjoy my day today as soon as the class begins, i will be there. Please mom. Moreover i need not wear my uniform, socks, tie, belt. I can wear my colour dress isn't it mom?

    Mother: Yes dear. I can understand that you are prompt but you have look out for your books and stationery which are thrown here and there during this summer vacations.

    Child: My sister is waiting for me, we have to play hide and seek. Bye mom see you at breakfast table.

    Mother: These children are busy in playing most of the time.

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    The author has started an interesting thread matching to the present situation.

    Mother; Aditya, the teacher wants you to be online and she wants to start the class which were pending since 30 days.
    Aditya; Mummy this is summer time and holiday all over the state and country then why the teacher wants me to study which I did not like.
    Mother; Aditya, the future seems to be online classes only and you need not go to school. Just listen to the teacher and attend the work and feel free thereafter
    Aditya; Mummy, if the school would be closed then why the teacher want to bother me. That means I would be missing my friends at the school, call them also to our house and we do the joint study.

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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Mother: Joint studies is not possible dear, as you already know that corona virus is spreading all over the world. We have to maintain social distancing. That's the reason your teacher wants to help you through online, so that the virus does not affect you and keep you updated with your syllabus so as to complete your work at home.

    Aditya: That's a fantastic idea mummy, but how can i do my homework through online classes.

    Mother: Don't worry son, we will learn together. We can ask the teacher to sort our doubts and i will be with you to help you complete the assignments suggested by your teacher.

    Aditya: Ok, mummy i will sit for the class. Please give me some snacks and let me get a face wash in the meantime.

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    (Mother has put on the video conferencing Application on the laptop and asked Aditya to come and sit there.)

    Mother: Aditya, please focus on the screen as teacher is going to start the class.
    Aditya: Yes, Mom, I am seeing.
    Mother: Are you able to make out what he is telling?
    Aditya: Yes, he is telling that he would dictate us a paragraph and we have to write it.
    Mother: Correct. Are you ready?
    Aditya: Yes, Mom.

    (Teacher starts narrating in a very slow pace. He repeats the whole thing 2-3 times.)

    Mother: Are you able to write?
    Aditya: Yes, I have already finished but he is still repeating.
    Mother: He is doing it for those students who are not as bright as you are.

    (Aditya is happy to hear that and grins.)

    Aditya: Mom look. He is now asking us to write some questions based on this passage.
    Mother: Ok.
    Aditya: He is very slow. He has not started it.
    Mother: Be attentive. He would start it anytime.
    Aditya: Yes, now this is the first one.

    (Aditya writes all the questions in time.)

    Aditya: Mom. He is telling that today's chapter is over but day after tomorrow at the same time we have to give our answers to him orally.
    Mother: That is fine. Have you said Good bye to your teacher.
    Aditya: Yes, Mom. He said Good bye at the end and I also responded same to him.
    Mother: Ok. Let us close this App. Now you come for your snacks.

    (Aditya is happy with his performance.)

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