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    Reorganising - home as the first school.

    Home is the first school and mother is the first teacher. This thought holds amicably to the present lockdown situation. Children are not able to reach their schools as the virus is spreading all over the world.

    Lets reorganise our home for kids to start up their academic year with the basic necessities which can give them a classroom atmosphere except for friends apart. Mother is also a good friend to her children, we can get sisters and brothers to join if the are in same house.

    We will make a list of stationery required for arranging a studyroom environment with available resources at home.
    1. Table and chair
    2. Notebooks for writing
    3. Basic stationery
    4. Mobile with internet under supervision
    5. Proper lighting space
    6. Water bootle with fresh boiled cooled water

    Members list any other items to reorganise home into study room.
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    Creating an atmosphere of study and school environment in the house requires some skills and parents must try to learn these things to inculcate in the mind of the child an inclination to use the study corner for his or her learnings and studying of school books. A specified corner in the house is a big infrastructural facility for the child as he can be asked to go and sit in this corner and complete the homework first before going out to play with friends. Children sometime take a lot of interest in making crafts items and other such creative activities. For this we have to equip them with basic stationery material related to that.

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    Parent should be able to start with state language as the mode of communication. Co-operation with parent and child is essential for a teacher to teach the contents.

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    I have observed that a conducive, encouraging and motivating atmosphere is the most important thing that counts in the upbringing of a child. Many parents do not know this fact and do not provide their children the atmosphere they truly deserved. When these children visit their friends then they compare and see what they are missing in their own houses. I think parents have to be proactive on these premises so that children are groomed up in that fashion. The childhood age is the most important time when one can acquire the good traits. Once that time is gone then there is nothing which can be done to amend that.

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    Good that the author started school at home and this is going to be the reality in future too. The environment created by the author is almost nice and further additions are required. Every child needs some snacks and also if one or two friends who are studying in the same class even in different school can be arranged to join the home class as the children should feel that they are in the class room and not at the house study room. Since the mother is going to be active all through the class, she becomes the teacher and also the mentor for the children to advice them on all things apart from the regular studies. Children should be taught with play way method and with lots of personal example so that they would connect with the class instantly and also seek to join the study room tomorrow . That should be the intensity of the teaching and clarifying.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    A mother should only support the work but should not do it by herself. One more additional duty to the mothers is observing children while using smart phones, laptops with net connectivity.
    The basic necessities for a class is discipline, the foremost without which online class cannot be a success.

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