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    How to help the child in learning spellings?

    In our families, children start speaking English by copying and mimicking us but they are generally weak in English spellings. We can help them in learning the spellings by engaging them in some good games and fun activities. One such thing that comes to my mind is to play with them some word game like tell them a word say 'cat' and let him tell a word from the last letter of the word that is 't'. Ask the spelling of the word he is telling and if it is correct give him points for that say 5 points for each correct spelling and zero for a wrong spelling and write under his name so that he feels motivated. If there are more children let all of them participate and write their scores under their names accordingly. Again give him another word and let him tell a new word. We have to take care not to give words ending with 'y' or 'w' or any such letter where he would not be able to find the word easily. You can include one free chance also to him to create interest in the game.
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    Good post started by the author. Instead of asking the spellings first, the children should be trained to make words out of the alphabets in series for example words from A like As, Add, ad, ass and so on, This was they are introduced to the new words which they are going to use in future and also get to learn the spellings. My children were taught this way and they developed good vocabulary in course of time. Moreover I used to give them one more task. Like I used to give for words example public, signal, bus, and children. Now ask them to make sentence, here they are introduced to frame the sentences and also follow the grammar like full stop and punctuation. This way every parent has to participate and make aware to the child how to form the words out of so many letters and how to form sentence out of so many words.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Very true, once they learn few words then only they can play the suggested word games.

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    A typical objection by guardians and educators the same is that in any event, when the kids score superbly on their spelling tests, they are not conveying that information over into their perusing and composing. As it were, they remember and disgorge their spelling words and that is the place everything stops. Their freshly discovered information isn't extending into training. At that point there are other youngsters who discover it almost difficult to remember spelling words, therefore they do inadequately on spelling tests.For those kids who can retain a rundown of words for a test however who can't matter that information, the issue lies in the remembrance for a test. In the event that they can recollect the spellings for a test, regularly they have "packed" for the test, yet the data was not significant and wasn't put away in long haul memory. The objective of contemplating was finishing an assessment, not figuring out how to utilize the words recorded as a hard copy.

    1.Encourage your kid spelling words with 'Lily Pad Letters'
    2.Use 'Step Steps' to retain certain words
    3.Hurl around the 'Spelling Ball'
    4.Use magazine clippings to acclimate with letters
    5.Play 'Mixed Spelling' utilizing letters in order squares or ice chest magnets
    6.Make a 'Spelling Train' to have a fabulous time while spelling words
    7.Play web based spelling games for kids

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    It is true that children have to be capable enough to give correct spellings.
    1. The basic word building capability starts with a mix of consonants and vowels.
    2. The grade 1 and 2 students should become familiar with use of vowels and consonants in making three letter words. The jumbled words also could be reframed into correct words.
    3. The blends of words starting with br, tr, and ending with ch, sh also could embrace them with new words.
    Any new words should be created on a wall chart and be preserved to look into the improvements. Glazing the words again and again makes them fit to write the correct spelling.

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