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    Your child should continue wearing mask,washing hands, safe distance

    There may be easing of curbs sooner or later across the country as in 219 districts there are no cases at all and the life if normal. That means 33 percent of the country is free from virus and many are getting cured after the treatment and India is fast recovering except some states like Maharastra, Gujarat, Delhi etc. However we must deal with children with great awareness. They must continue to follow wearing the mask daily, washing the hands with sanitizer, and following the safe distancing even after they rejoin the schools sooner or later.
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    Children and senior citizens have to take more care as they would be prone to viral infections of all sorts including the present one. It is the duty of the parents to guide and teach the children all the protective measures and not only explain but force them to use it. We should not do any laxity in this matter. In this dreadful situation strictness and discipline is the only way to contain the dreadful menace which is spreading like jungle fire. Children might not understand the logic of washing hands so they are to be monitored closely and should be punished if they do not follow.

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