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    Do not 'drill ' your child to learn more instead drill with them

    I think many members would have been confused by the title of this thread. By the first word drill I mean the constant approach of the parents that the child should learn all at the little age. Child would learn everything over the period of time and we should not compel them. And the second drill is concerned with physical activities as all work and no play would make the child dull and sulking and therefore play with various out door activities and keep the child cheerful as a friend and not as a mother or parent.
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    It is true that we can not treat the children always in strict ways. If we do so they would avoid us and try to be aloof and sad. Occasional banging is alright but continuously poking them would do no good. Inculcating exercises and concern n the child for physical fitness is very necessary and that would go a long way in developing his personality. It is definitely a good idea to ask him to do exercise side by side. Everything is secondary when it comes to health and physical fitness.

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    Once children learn their responsibilities they would study by themselves rather than forcing them for study.
    Creative ideas should be given more starts to improve them.

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