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    Ranked 2 as on today. Member ranking surging fast

    Being a new site and those who are active and contributing regularly can occupy the best top ranks of this site as this would make the comfortable lead in the days to come. I have joined 12 days back and the ranking on last Sunday was 4th and today when I logged in it changed to 2nd rank and that gave me immense satisfaction as I am continuing as the third ranker in parent site ISC. Therefore call upon old and new members to contribute regularly and occupy the main ranking slots and maintain the same throughout the stay here.
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    That is nice to note and I hope once our posts and contributions are validated by the editor, more members would join here. This first month is the month of testing of our patience and once this crucial time passes we would be in a comfortable zone. Let us remain active and also try to submit some resources here. I am very hopeful that we would be successful in our endeavours.

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    Yes Umesh I am seeing a wonderful take off for this site and even asked my son Aditya to join and contribute here and that would be fantastic idea.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Its a wonderful news. Our contributions and regularity will take this site to great heights just like pioneers. There is a small story i would like to add here:
    A boy who completed his graduation was working for a company. He worked for about a month and understood the crucks of that company. He had an idea so immediately he quit the company and started working on his dream idea. He was successful in less than three months. Today he is an entrepreneur who gives salries to more than 500 employees.

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    Incidentally I found myself at number 3. I am following you. Observing one's position in the number ladder is sometimes very exciting. I remember when I joined ISC my initial level was somewhere between 60 to 70. Then it slowly climbed up and I found that after 15 or 16 it was stuck at that point and did not budge upwards. Then slowly it has now reached at 10 and sometimes becoming 11 and then coming back to 10 and so on. So it has found some equilibrium there as it is there for quite some time and in fact I have stopped looking at that as there is no movement.

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    The ranking system in ISC and elsewhere spider sites are the same the crux of that is to have regular and sustained contributions maintaining your tempo and the ranks will go upward.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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