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    Should we expose the children to small household jobs?

    Children would always be ready to play games and have all sort of fun in their lives. They are so active that they would like to do something and would be always yearning for more fun. Children have a lot of time and they are free of any sort of worries so they enjoy also thoroughly. My contention is should we expose the children to some petty household jobs also time to time so that they pass their time learning an important thing in their lives. It would also help them in the later phases of their lives.
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    What I feel that we should not make the child to toil for the house and in fact we can make learn the child how the house runs and what should be done to secure the house with all kind of materials. Study alone is not the criteria for the child to address, he or she must know to play, talk with elders with respect, behave nicely with the neighbors, share the things with others without quarreling and above all fetching things required for the house. The mother has the right to train the child to bring the milk, groceries and other small items so that the shopping part of it would be known to the child and how to handle the money rightly would also be known. In fact some children wants to do house hold chores and take much interest to keep the home clean along with the mother and that attitude must be encouraged.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    It is true. We have to engage them in minor jobs like distributing snacks, sweets, fruits to all family members. They can also place the washed utensils to their right place. These tiny skills will give them knowledge to work independently over a period of time when parents are out of place.
    Small savings like investing in post office starts from age 10, which has to be supervised by an adult.
    They can go to provision store to buy one or two items. Initiaally they may be cheated by the shop owners but later on children will learn to handle cash independently.

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    When I was of 14 years of age I was associated in some petty jobs allotted to me time to time by my mother. That learning is still helping me in this age.

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    Yes, we should assign some small work to kids in our family. This will develop a feel of responsibility in their mind and they will also feel proud to help the parents. However, over engagement of children in the household work is not good at all. But in my opinion, a little involvement in household work is necessary since childhood.

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    The basics of life must be learned by the children and for that the mother need to train the children at the early age and there is nothing wrong to do the household works. If the child works voluntarily without even asking by the parents, then it is called the passion, but when the work is imposed with certain agreed payment is the child labor to which even the government has the abolition rules. In Hyderabad where there are more children at the home and who have no studies are sent to the shops as helpers at young age and while returning home they come with daily wage and also the materials required for the home. This should not be allowed.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    It's important that children should get engaged in household chores. It does not mean that they have to take the responsibility of domestic work and ignore studies as well as skip playing hours. Parents must involve them for helping them in which will make them a responsible person in life, They will understand that they have a responsibility towards family and home. This will also make them understand that managing a family and daily life tasks are important and whoever does it should be respected for the pain they take. Yes, parents have to remember that children should not be disturbed during their study and recreation time unless an emergency. If it happens like that then children's future will get spoiled, so elders should be careful.

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    Even from the young age of two years children are able to shift things from one place to another and an understanding builds that which things should be touched and which should not be touched. They can a pencil, mobile, a news paper, a vessel which is empty and can be carried easily, reassembling of their toys and so on.
    Children are happy to do such petty jobs and feel that they are taken care otherwise they may feel lonely. After a few days they can do a few jobs on their own and suggest others that those things belong to them and to be kept safely.

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