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    Mother is the First Friend of a Child

    Before the birth of a child, he remains connected with his mother and feels everything, whatever his mother feels. When a child is born, he first see his mother and start to follow her. when a child is growing, he used to share each and everything with his mother. It is true for every child it doesn't matter whether it is a boy or a girl. They share every matter with their mother. Mother is the first and true friend of a child. She always guides and helps her child and protect him from every difficulty. A mother always does anything for the happiness of her child. She plays, sleeps, cares, defends and also prays for the success of her child. So a mother is the first and true friend of a child.
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    A mother is also a first teacher who not only teaches the language but the scenarios of life. She can understand the child just by their glimpses. She struggles hard for bringing up the child throughout her life and does not ask for anything in return except for the love and affection.
    A mother teachs her children individuality and gets a place for them in the society. Words cannot express our gratitude to our mother's as today is the mother's day. A day when we can just wish makes her happy. This day should be continued throught out our lives and we have to thank her everyday.
    There are no differentiations between children. For her all the children are one as she treats everyone equally.

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    Mother is very important person in the life of a child. In fact many children confide in mother only before bringing anything to the knowledge of the father. They usually see father as a strict person while mother is the soft and nice person for them. Mother has a bigger role in the upbringing of the child and it is true that child has more ties bound with mother. The relations between the mother and child are eternal. There is no substitute for this relationship. This is one relationship where informal and frank talks take place to mitigate each others difficulties.

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    Surely no one know the baby better than the mother. If you keenly watch the new mother who delivered the baby few days back, she would interact with the child in such a way that she or he understands the language. But the fact is that the child recognize the persons with smell and they scan the face of the persons who really liking and adoring. That is the reason being so those who are looking rude and the voice is strong, the child would sulk and would not feel happy in their shoulder or lap. And the mother lap is always affectionate and lovable. In this regard I came across a social media message posted by the famous actor on the Mothers day that ' I want my childhood back and I want my mothers lap back" that was fantastic feeling and the actor touched the liking of everyone of us who feels that motherly touch cannot equate anything.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Feelings of a child can be catered better only from a mother. When a child is studying she offers a fruit juice, snacks and dry fruits so that the child continues his education.
    Students studying at grandparents house get lots of love and affection but none to arrange their books according to their time table nor do they help in homework's.

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    The mother's role has been very nicely portrayed by the author . The mother's is not only the first friend to a child but also the first person who receives the anger and frustration of the child. A child inhus early years shows his frustration and anger regarding everything to his mother only. Be it low marks, fight with a friend or any sort of embarrassment in the school, the wrath falls on the mother first. So along with a friend and a teacher, mother is also a punching bag for releasing the worries and anxieties.

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    A mother never gets hurt by the child even the behavior is strange because mother loves all kinds of behavior from the child and she has the power and ability to change the behavior at any point of time.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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