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    Identify hidden talent in your child and give a push

    Learned parents should not only concentrate on the child education but also try to identify the hidden talent in the child and give a great push in that direction. Some children have the urge to dance, sing, or even have the interest to play sports. Just identify the areas of interest and give the chance for the child to learn more. For example the child can be sent to music class, or sports academy for pursing the goals. Well it may be too early to send the little child, but the talents must be nurtured at the young age. What is your take on this.
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    It is very necessary to identify the talent of a child. For searching a talent we should know their interest. Because this the only way to identify the talent. In the area of his interest a child can do the best. And if parent know the interest then they can develop their child and their talent will be revealed own its own.

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    It is said that a person can do excellent in his area of interest and liking and that paves way to get success in that particular line also. So, it makes sense to identify the liking of the children and accordingly encourage and inspire them in that direction. Parents have a moral duty to take care of the children and to help them to carve out a satisfying career. A continuous monitoring and guidance along with providing basic infrastructure and facilities to the children is required to push them to progress in his area of interest. Many parents are able to do that successfully.

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    In the Reddy community while naming ceremony, the family would put all kinds of toys in front the child to identify and get attracted. If the child touches the gun, they would train him for military or police.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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