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    Ideas for developing educational projects for the children

    Teaching the children from books is alright and is an established pattern. One other way which is being used in many primary schools is to teach the students through stories, models, audiovisuals etc. Then there are some craft ideas from which also children can learn. Mathematics is also a fun for children if taught in that way.

    I was just pondering whether we can create some resources for this site and submit them and if approved they can be used by the visitors and surfers here. Can members give some ideas on which we can write or elaborate. Let us think and discuss and depending on one's interest we would elaborate them in articles or projects etc.
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    Teaching the children through the toys, objects and even visiting the sites personally would make them more attracted to the topic. For example if the child is being explained about the stamps and the letters, surely a trip to the post office would make sense and show how the post office work with lots of activities there. How the stamps are sold with different denominations, how the parcels are accepted with perfect seal around it, and how they are weighed and charged before embarking to the deliveries. Then how the post office savings being done by depositing smaller amount of money and creating a savings habit. This type of personal visit to the places would make the child remember the things and he can write the essay on the visit without even asking for. That is the reason being so I suggest site visit of students when ever such projects need to be discussed.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    One idea which comes to mind is that a group of children can be asked to play a game in which a topic is given to them and every student has to add a line on it. Something like writing a collective essay on some thing like say school. So one child may say school is a building. Other may say that it is at 2 km from my house and so on the essay progresses.

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    This is the good idea suggested by the author that sentence building is good try and each child would also know more words and they try to form sentence and thus becomes a great essay.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    These are actually fun activities coupled with learning. Something in the nature of Antakshari in which two sides sing a song from the last letter of earlier song.

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