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    Give names of 3 animals (any animals)

    This is a fun activity for children and we can just rehearse it here then transfer it to our house and play with children. I would start with 3 names of animals (any animal) and let every member add 3 from his side. Let us stretch this post with those names. Then we close when finished as no more names come in our mind. Each specie is different from other. There are many types of spiders. Each would be accepted as an entry but the full name is to be given. Once a name is given it can not be repeated. If someone says simply ant then no one can repeat it later.

    I start with Jellyfish, Book lice and Acrobat ant.
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    It seems like a fun activity. Rabbit, rhinoceros and hippopotamus are the names of three animals from my side.

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    Good fun activity. Children will definitely like it. Three animals name from my side are: Octopus, star fish, snake.

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    It might seem easy at the beginning, but a lovable fun activity. Elephant, Crocodile, Labrador from my side.

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    My three likable animals are Archer fish, Leopard, and Eagle. Archer fish can shoot the prey it wants from the water and thus considered most intelligent. And leopard most interesting animal as it will not hunt for the human being just like that. For 48 hours now one leopard creating see saw game to the forest officials in Hyderabad as it came into the main road, sleeping at the divider, roaming at the railway station and even had a attack on a lorry cleaner and all this proves that this animal is most powerful and fearful for the human being. And Eagle has the rare quality of catching the prey from the height. It can fly high and have the look for its prey in the ground. The sharp eyes make it the most enviable bird on earth and it can come charging diving fast to attack the prey in seconds and thus it is always successful.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Members can give some more names. Let us have few rounds of this before we close. I add now - Gecko, Gila monster and Legal horned lizard. Other members can also join in between.

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    My another three additions are Killer whale. albatross, and garden snail. While the killer whale rules the ocean as it will not allow other fish to live and chase them to kill. And the albatross are the flying birds which are heavy and yet hop from tree to tree with ease. And the garden snail is the friendly creature as it would clean the bad soil and make the new soil fit for growing plants. So every animal has its own way of participating in the nature building and have the way for their own survival. Each one of them is the enemy of another creature or animal and this way the life is balanced in the universe.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Next three animals in my second list are as follows-
    Pomeranian dog, Persian cat and Chester White pig.

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    I think the authors giving their list of animals should also say few words or importance of that animals for the benefit of children and parent to learn more. Like Reena has shared three wonderful animals like Pomeranian dog , Persian cat and White pit. A little description about the same would be more knowledgeable even for the members who does not know the same. Likewise Sharmistha, please give the details of Elephant, crocodile and Labrador. One more thing, please share one water animal, one flying bird, and one land animal. That way we could cover whole lots of animals and species.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    I am adding 3 more names to this series. These are fruit fly, love bug and ostrich. Fruit fly is the small common fly in our houses which emerge from nowhere on the cut fruits or other open food items. Love bug is a common bug found in the gulf coast and some other regions and pairs with its partner for a long time even up to about 6-7 days. Due to this peculiar behavior, it is known as a double headed bug also. Ostrich is a well known animal known for running with high speeds.

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    Good responses from the author and for me the fruit fly and the love bug is the new information as I never came across such mentions in the past. This way everyone learns.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Three names from my side:

    Giraffe, golden eagle and Goose.


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    Shampa while I appreciate your response with three names of animals a little description about the three example Girafee, golden eagle and goose will give further input to the children.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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