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    Did work from home during lockdown affect the children

    The work from home culture has been on the peak during the lockdown. The private companies could not afford to lose their contracts and the employees could not afford to lose their jobs. The work from home came as a first hand solution. However, the time during the lock down which was supposed to be spent quietly with the family was actually spent on laptops and mobile phones. And with both the spouses working on the lappy, the situation in the house was undoubtedly very bad. Conditions like this, I believe affect children the most who cannot go outside to play, cannot go to their schools, and have parents with less or no time for them. Whereas, parents, on the other hand, are actually trying to save their jobs for their children. But it must have gone in the wrong way in the minds of the little children. Now they see only their parents who cannot spend quality time with them.
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    In fact work from home being done by the parent is the most irksome for the children because though the parents are in front of them the children could not participate, seek information or play with them. And some parents are so busy with their office work that they are even doing the extended hour on the computer leaving the life of the children to mend on their own. The husband is out in another city, the wife is working from home and she has the small school going child who has on line classes started. Now just imagine the fate of the child that he should be present through online and mummy should also present through online. One computer or laptop at the home then how to cope up the two task. This is the main problem in many homes and children are not comfortable for online classes through smart phones.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Smart phone or laptop both affect the eyes of the children as they have to complete the tasks suggested by their teachers within the time frame similar to parents. Can you imagine when there is no power for three to four hours on weekdays? Parents are struggling a two way problem for the companies to manage their jobs and from children to whom love and care cannot be given to the optimum. They are hit financially and with emotions.
    Some parents need to carry their laptops for presentation along with the smart phones, then how can the child attend or listen to the online classes. Parents are not capable to buy another laptop or smartphone at this point if time where their salaries are set back and running the family itself is a difficult situation.
    The stress levels of parents and children have doubled over a period of these fifty plus days.

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    Children would always be seeking the attention of the parents. They become sad and perturbed also if they are not given importance. So working parents have really a problem to manage the children especially in these tough conditions.

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    It is purely based on how parents balance their work life. When both the parents are working, then it is little difficult and as mentioned by author, the kids will get affected seeing their parents working on laptop always. It is because, they see them having screen time, they won't understand that their parents are working. But I would say, this can be handled by maintaining a proper routine.

    I see in many families, that they totally collapsed the schedules by staying awake till late night and tired in the day time. So they might feel exhausted to do both office works and household chores. Kids with disturbed routines will behave cranky.

    So, the first and foremost rule to balance work and family is have a proper schedule and it should be followed consistently. So that the kids too will get adapted and understand what to do, when to expect their parents presence etc. This will keep the home in peace.

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