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    Keep the children away from bad manners shown on television

    As the children are with the parents at the home and when mother wants to watch the television serials, the bad manners are shown more in the series than good message. The young mind of the children should not get diverted or give the chance to learn such bad manners. The mother should switch off the television when such scenes are shown and divert the attention of the child. In fact mother should not make the habit of watching television often. Let the child be kept busy with activities and reading. What are your views.
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    Childhood is the phase when young one's minds are like a clean slate. The things they learn by watching and hearing make them form their belief system. Beliefs formed in early childhood are difficult to change. Thus, it is the responsibility of mothers and every elder in the family to take care that the child does not receive any information that is bad for his mental health.

    Also, not only television, children must be kept away from lots of other gadgets for as long as possible. Technology can make them smart. However, there is a disadvantage. They will lose their innocence at a very early age. They have their whole life in front of themselves to learn technology and become smart. Why not allow them to enjoy their childhood and let them be innocent for as long as possible.

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    Good beliefs and thoughts must be inculcated to the growing brains of children and they would catch up good and bad manners.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    We should keep away our children from bad things on TV and other gadgets. But I think sometimes children also learn several things from TV and others gadgets. They can improve their English, their knowledge by watching good TV programmes. Many learning apps also helpful in learning as well as development. What is necessary? I think that we should keep a watch on the kids so that we stay aware what they are watching?

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    Parenting or 'good parenting' is not about turning off a television show when an objectionable scene appears. A parent (not the mother alone) may believe that by changing channels or switching off the television, they would protect their child from the despicable acts, language, etc., being portrayed on the screen. The question that arises is, did the parent actually shield the child?

    The child may come across similar bad behaviour in real life. The child may find a peer or a cousin stealing, answering back, using foul language or smoking and even objectifying girls. However, a child whose parents merely switch off the television will not be equipped to handle these situations. He might not see those actions to be wrong - he might think them to be the 'cool' thing to do.

    The right parenting technique is to teach the child right from wrong. If a television serial shows a child stealing, the parent must explain why it is wrong and the consequences. Parents must display tact while demonstrating and teaching things to their children. Instead of sermonising the child, a parent must start a conversation and build it to a point where the child realises that specific behaviour is unacceptable.

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    Watching a serial, a film or a comedy show together with family is a good habit. I really disagree on the point that the mother has to divert the child.
    Mother has to sit beside the child and watch any programme whether good or bad. When we try to avoid they will not have the knowledge about the same in future, their urge to know continues. After the programme we can ask the child, what was the moral of today's programme, or serial or any sought of film? The child will express his or her views. If you feel it is wrong, you have to correct it then and there to provide them a positive knowledge of the programme.
    Children stay with us only up to the completion of their education or some may move to another place to continue their education. Who will guide them at the new place? So when children are with parents, we have to guide them properly, later after a few days they themselves would say "mom this is not a good serial to watch, we will watch some other programmes today".
    This is the perfect attitude a mother has to bring in a child. This act will continue when he or she is alone without falling prey to bad friendships.
    Today is a world where children after education stay with room mates while on job wherein parents are located elsewhere in a city or a village. Children have to taken in proper paths at the tender ages.

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