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    Is your child habituated to take you on ransom for his every need

    Some children are very shrewd and they know that by indulging in ransom tactic the mother or the father would oblige to their demand. Some children have the habit of crying inconsolably to achieve their target, some child indulge in boycotting the food offered unless and until the demands are met. And some children are also adamant in not doing any work , nor sleep nor play with others until they are addressed. As a good parent the mother should not succumb to every tactic of the child and try to reign them when required.
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    In the families where parents take a lot of care and pamper the children sometimes this problem is encountered that the children start blackmailing the parents which is of course a worrying sign. I think parents should not give liberty to the children beyond a limit. In this matter the carrot and stick policy is to be adhered to and one should not be weak and sentimental in his mind that the child would become sad if we bang him or be strict with him. For some time he would feel bad but soon he would realise the things and would be under the groove.

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    Once in a while chiding the child would keep them in control, otherwise they would ask for more everytime.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    A mother has to give suggestions and provide good examples to bring to his or her knowledge about the consequences of his demand. Once the child understand he or she will not take similar steps ahead. It takes time to bring this attitude in children.
    Mother plays a major role in building behavior of children supported by father and other family members.
    Parents have to be strict but take care while speaking to children, so that it should not hurt their feelings.

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