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    Post school essays and speeches on the topic "COVID-19"

    Once the school reopens, there will be a lot of schools conducting essay and speech competitions on the topics related to COVID-19 and Coronavirus. You are welcome to post some essays and speeches based on those topics. Remember to include the keywords "school essay" and "speech" in the titles and summary.
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    This is a good topic and theme and would be useful for the school students. We would be submitting our contributions soon. Hope other members are also taking a note of this.

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    I need access to post articles in this site. I am interested to write for the topic.

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    Dear Tony sir,
    Where should I submit the essay and speech? In this thread or in article section? Let me know please. I am slightly confused about this.

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    I have today on 28.05.2020, submitted an essay on Corona virus under the resources in category of school essays.

    If you go to 'Learn and fun' menu then the last three items would take you to resources section and by clicking the 'submit your article' you can submit the article or essay or any other content in the article format just like we are doing in ISC. Please give feedback if you have any problem.

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    Yes, Mr. Umesh but as I have already submitted a post that my right to post an article is restricted here. I have submitted a thread to remove restriction but restriction is not removed so far.

    Let wait for the same. Thanks again.

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