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    New member in studyvillage

    Hello Studyvillager

    I seema mittal a new member for this site. How to work as well as I earn? Kindly guide me. How can I post in coloring Section?
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    Welcome Seema to this site. This is a site mainly for the benefit of school children and I would suggest you to go through the articles (resources) here so that you get the idea as what type of material and writing you can contribute here. Meanwhile keep a watch for announcements here like one just made by the Webmaster asking us to submit essays and speeches on Covid-19 for school children. Have you seen that post just at the top of the forum page. Please take interest in forum discussions also. It takes time to learn modalities of a site. Do not bother for earnings right now as that would come in long run when you start contributing more.

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    Sir, drawing are handmade or computerized for coloring.

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    Seema Mittal welcome to this site as a new member. Since this site is dedicated to the cause of children below 10 years and parenting, I hope there are many ways to express the concern and need through various articles on the subject and post the same. Likewise you can contribute in learn and fun activities in a play way method and all should be creative work of yourself. Coloring patterns created own by the author can be submitted here for approval and consideration. And now the admission season is on and you can share the interview and other related issues and matters concerning to admission as article. And also be active in this forum so that daily interaction on varied issues of children and parenting be discussed. The cash credits for the article is also good and so you can try more.
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    Post school essays and speeches on the topic "COVID-19"
    Where I submit My response direct in form or some other way.

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    Go to main menu on the top and select 'Learn & Fun'. Select any one of the last four items like 'Art & Craft', 'Games', 'Worksheets', 'Activities' etc. In the page select 'Resources'. You would see 'Articles'. Select it. You would be asked to agree to some conditions and then finally you would be taken to a big page where the format for article is already made. Enter the title, summary and main article there. Make proper subheadings. Use HTML codes. If you do not know HTML then go to the help section here or in ISC site where you can learn that. A few codes learning would suffice you for inserting them in the article at places. If you have any confusion submit a fresh post here so that old members could help you. Do not post in this thread as we may miss that so post a new post for that query or matter you want to clarify.

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    Thank You Sir,
    I have well verse knowledge of HTML. Recently I made a project of BBA Railway information System.
    Thank You once again. This site is new for me. So I am scared to work in it.

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    In the drop down list of Learn and fun , you can go to the activities and submit the activities which you can share and at present the essay and speech activities submission going on.
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    How can Attach drawing in the articles . I had draw 5 drawing of landscape as printable sheets.

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    I would call upon the webmaster to guide and give the chance for the member Seema Mittal as she wants to attach the coloring articles and drawings to the resources.
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    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Seema, when you complete your article then just before the submit button you would see a check box for attachment submission. Check it and it would take you for attachment process. If not, then we would request the Webmaster about it.

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