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    Be a learned parent to answer all your child's question

    As a child brain grows day by day , as the observation improves day by day, the curiosity to know new things and go through the experience of the same is very much bothers the child and being the parent one must expect all kinds of challenges from the child and a learned parent should be prepared to answer all the questions posed by the child. Never say to child that you do not know the answer, just say the nearest answer or give a polite reply that you will definitely tell the answer in one two days but a child would be keeping on asking the same question to answer.
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    The grasping power in children at younger days are very high. They are able to catch the words of different languages also. They can interpret the same in their daily life.
    Any question asked by the child could be answered if the parent has a smart phone and a internet facility. They have to just learn how to use it. They need not be educated.
    I saw an instance where the child walked to the school with the mobile in hand and patents were walking behind the child. The office staff explained how to use the whats app, as soon as she finished the child told his father "dad, now I understood, you don't worry. Come let's go".
    We can notice that how the child is intelligent and is ahead of present day parent.

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    Parent should not pretend that they does not know the answer to the question asked by the parent.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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    Children are very inquisitive and curious and sometimes parents lose their patience and start irritating with them. We should not do that mistake as the children would be badly hurt by our change in behaviour.

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    True, the parent needs to be a learned parent and answer the queries of the curios little minds. But, it may not be possible all the time, as human mind is also not capable to retain everything. The parent should find out the answer and tell the child. But sometimes, the parent should also encourage the child to find out the answer rather the solution by himself. This way the child will learn more rather than just mugging up the answer provided by the parent.

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    That is the reason being so even parents are interviewed before giving admission to the child.
    K Mohan Platinum member ISC Ranked 3
    Child has every reason to play and ask questions

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